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20th July 2019
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Farewell fellow Loiners (& honorary Loiners)

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Message 1 - posted by WL-Warrior, Mar 26, 2008

Got to admire the BBC. They remove all links and mentions to the local boards and then claim that as less people use them now they can shut them down! The BBC really do think the public are stupid.<doh>

Anyway I wish all (well most) of you bon voyage, as apart from a few thick gimps who have to rely on abusive and a political dogma to do their thinking for them its has been fun. But hey! No nasty words to individuals, because if you didn’t get to meet these stupid people you wouldn’t appreciate intellect and reason, so just put it down as part of life’s rich tapestry.<peacedove>

Its been a positive few years and I have come into contact with many interesting, funny and clever people who have changed my opinion on some subjects and reinforced it on others. <cool>

I wish all you lovely posters the very best and cyber hugs all round. Wonder who is going to get that last ever post on the England and particularly the Leeds Board?<hug>
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Message 2 - posted by Astro, Mar 26, 2008

Hi there WL-Warrior

Same here - I've encountered some really nice people on here, some not so nice and some downright annoying <yikes>

Had the BBC handled this differently, I think many of us would have enjoyed the game of being the last poster (remember that one that ran on a nightly or weekly basis?) but I think they way they have conducted themselves over this is deplorable and others must feel the same given how few people are posting now.

For those still around, I would like to add my wishes for a happy life to those of WL-Warrior and thank you for the fun and enlightening times we've had on here <hug><ok>
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Message 3 - posted by Astro, Mar 26, 2008

Blast - I should have previewed that message before posting it - it now looks like someones getting shot in the head <laugh> will I never learn <doh> ;-)
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Message 4 - posted by Fothers45, Mar 26, 2008

It was fun while it lasted! 'Bye everyone.
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Message 5 - posted by freakybaconmk2, Mar 26, 2008

Its been fun anyway.
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Message 6 - posted by Barneysmom, Mar 26, 2008

But it proves they really don't care about their audience?
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Message 7 - posted by WL-Warrior, Mar 31, 2008

I was going to wait for the last minute but what the hell .... after five years or so its time I moved onto patures new anyway.

Fond faewells one and all, see ya around.
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Message 8 - posted by Norant, Mar 31, 2008

This thread sounds like a wake,lighten up.
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Message 9 - posted by hevwil, Mar 31, 2008

Good bye all. Thanks for the laughs and hoping that the connections will continue in some shape or form.

I am amazed that the BBC are so scared of its listeners.
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Messages  1 - 9 of 9


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