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17th September 2019
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Downs League Everywhere

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Message 1 - posted by ellpresidente, Mar 7, 2008

Having checked out some of the valuable contributions that Dan and his cyber troop have made to the message board outside of anything Downs League related, it has become apparent that he and his followers are upset that there are too many postings to do with the Downs League.

So, as I am on garden leave for the next month, I thought I'd start some more discussions.

First one up.

What club has the best name?

I was talking to one of my fellow players the other day and he thinks that AFC Bohemia is the best named club, he would of course.

Perhaps you'd like to play around with club names for amusement. I once saw someone refer to us as AFC Bohemouth, very amusing.

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Message 2 - posted by Dan: Version 1.0, Mar 7, 2008

<laugh> Bless him!!! <laugh>

Me thinks there is a bored wife at home somewhere!
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Message 3 - posted by ellpresidente, Mar 7, 2008

Thanks for your comment Daniel. My wife is at work today. I am at home on garden leave (that means that I am working 1 months notice for my old employer but that they dont want me to do any work during that time) so have as much spare time on my hands as you clearly do.
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Message 4 - posted by Goalieone, Mar 7, 2008

I like Cotswool. It's named after a carpet shop on Gloucester Road in the 70s. I like the obscurity of it all. Cabot Asset Finance have the catchiest name in my book. Did you realise that out of the name RETAINERS, you came make the anagram RATS IN ERE. Very amusing.
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Messages  1 - 4 of 4


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