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18th September 2019
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Double Header Chaos

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Message 1 - posted by Goalieone, Mar 1, 2008

I see from the fixtures that there are a few double headers scheduled in Division 4 in a couple of weeks time, Torpedo A v Cotham Old Boys being one of them. According to the tables, both teams have 10 or less games to play. There are 8 Saturdays between now and the end of April. With the possibility of playing at least three evening games, it seems a little rash to schedule a double header between them.
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Message 2 - posted by HateChoosingNames, Mar 2, 2008

I agree, seems strange, unless they're anticipating us losing some weekends before end of season due to rain?

Evening games would be better surely, still rubbish but must be better than double headers.
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Message 3 - posted by Goalieone, Mar 2, 2008

Yeah. Exactly. Part of playing your opponents twice is that you have time between games to work out how you can beat them, seek your revenge etc. We have only lost 3 Saturdays this year to the weather plus I suppose the extended Christmas break but even so, this has been the most straightforward season compared with the last few certainly.

Anyhow HCN, what did you make of Saturday's game - you were missing a few weren't you? I thought it was a good game given the conditions.
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Message 4 - posted by HateChoosingNames, Mar 3, 2008

I started a new thread about the weekend results, said you guys probably just about deserved it given we didn't really create much in the way of chances.

Thought it was a decent game played in good spirit. We were missing 5 players but I think you were missing a few too so no excuses. When we went 1 nill up I thought we would kill the game off as we do tend to create a few chances, but to be fair to you guys you turned it round. Once you got the equaliser you really dug deep and put pressure on us. I think we won most of the first challenges/headers but you won most of the second ones.

Can't believe an ex torps player scored too, bet he was happy with that.

Anyway, adds a bit of spice to the league, it's close up top now which is good to see. Good luck with the rest of the season anyway.
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Message 5 - posted by Goalieone, Mar 3, 2008

I was impressed with you in the first half as you passed the ball well against the wind whereas we lumped it around. That Remi lad is absolute quality and ran the game.In the second half, our roles reversed,and we took our chances and won the midfield battle. The ex-Torpedo man was obviously elated. Last week he gave away two penalties, got booked and was then subbed. His Archie Gemmil style celebration was class.
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Message 6 - posted by fasttorpedo, Mar 3, 2008

yea was a good game. hard to control tyhe ball in that weather. we had to lose sumtime and that was it. i do like playin my old team always a pleasure. u just edged it.......just.
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