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18th July 2019
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Devon bored!

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Message 1 - posted by stevoplymouth, Oct 5, 2007

Where are you all?
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Message 2 - posted by U8259068, Oct 5, 2007

Stood at the side of the Tamar arguing with the Cornish as to whether it's the boundary between two counties or and international border between England and a separate country;)
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Message 3 - posted by sullivanthepoet, Oct 30, 2007

Now... As a Plymothian with a long Anglo/Irish paternal ancestry on the one hand, and an equally long maternal Cornish ancestry; I have been following the devolution debate with interest.

It strikes me however that amongst all the rhettoric about land rights and ancient bequests; feudal charters and royal precedents, one obvious question, as is so often the case in these mateers, has been overlooked:

If Westminster were, en masse, to take to strong drink and mind altering drugs, and grant Cornwall independence; would they be able to AFFORD it? I believe even a cursory examination of what Cornwall raises in taxes, as a percentage of what it actually spends in the county in a fiscal year, would bring a tear to even Trelawney's eye!

Or do they perhaps wish to follow the 'Scottish Model' of devolution? Complete autonomy in all things - but on english money?
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Messages  1 - 3 of 3


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