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17th August 2019
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Canvey no longer feels at home in East Anglia.

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Message 1 - posted by pompomwhiting, Sep 19, 2007

have just retired and have been looking forward to pottering about East Anglia, a bit of sightseeing, maybe a bit of dealing, to keep the brain awake, but in the last five to ten years things have changed, I hear English less and less. I recon there are over fifty different languages being spoken hereabouts. The Chief Constable of Cambridge says there are a 100. I just don't feel at home anymore, it's like living in some foriegn land that just looks the same as East Anglia. It is not only the speach of the people, its the attitude, it's changed. Where is the respect and coutesy this area was renowned for? People seem frightened and no longer meet your eye. What has become of this land that I loved? Will I have to move out?

What do you think Shropshire? Should Canvey come West?

Pom thinks that quite a few Dawleyites still talk Dawley.
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Message 2 - posted by pompomwhiting, Sep 19, 2007

Black Country Bloke thinks migration West is reasonable. What say Liverpool, Devon and Leicester?
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Message 3 - posted by lysis, Sep 19, 2007

Canvey island would fit spiritually and geographically into the Mersey at that big hernia in the river directly under the Runcorn Bridge.
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Message 4 - posted by CanveyCove, Sep 19, 2007

Lysis, I would not recommend putting Canvey Island in the Mersey, it would put the bridge out of commission, besides, spiritully, an influx of Olde Anglo-Saxons into an Irish/Welsh homeland maybe just a bit problamatic.
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Message 5 - posted by lysis, Sep 19, 2007

EastEnders meets Brookside! Wonderful - and imagine the resulting accent scouse wiv a gloccal stop.
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