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25th August 2019
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"MR" Scum, Thief, Murderer ,Rapist !!!!

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Message 41 - posted by U4794774, Aug 24, 2007

I am a muslim and have always been asked for my christian name i have never ever thought of it as a religious term until i read this board...ah you learn something new everyday
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Message 42 - posted by U5209345, Aug 24, 2007


I don't believe that the term 'offensive' can be used in this category - it was a simple error that arises from language usage over many many years. We all use generic terms at times.

I also believe the word 'offensive' has become synonymous with 'I can't handle the slightest little thing said to me that I disagree with'. It is, quite simply, an extremely overused word.

When I'm travelling, I love visiting cathedrals, churches, castles, etc. If, when I'm visiting these places, people assume that I'm Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever, it wouldn't 'offend' me at all. I may point out that I am not XYZ but the chances are I simply wouldn't bother. Reason: it wouldn't offend me but might embarrass the other person.

If people can become offended and outraged by something such as being asked 'what is your Christian name' (in a country that has long used this term in every day life of every day people) then they really need to look to their own mindset.

A simple 'Actually, I'm not a Christian and prefer [whatever]'. Dealt with simply, politely and with tact.

If the comment had been made with the intention to offend, that's quite different and that is when I would deal with it quite differently.

Then again, I'm not given to overreacting to situations so I find it an easy thing to 'deal with'.

There are many things said in our society that I find offensive and those I would deal with.
Astro, so why isn't Hipscarf allowed to do the same?

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Message 43 - posted by U8259068, Aug 24, 2007

When did we all become so sensitive?

If we can no longer tolerate the use of a common phrase such as "Christian Name" because it is offensive we should all being having a terrible attack of the vapours when we read about some of the truly offensive things that go on in the world.
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Message 44 - posted by U5209345, Aug 29, 2007

That's just the problem Derby, people don't. They get het up over the slightest, silliest things, they rant, they rave, they demand change. A really outrageous thing happens (recently an 11 year old boy was killed by a hit and run and the driver received 200 hours community service - that's disgraceful) and not one person in this country (other than the boys family/friends and the editor of a newspaper) said a word against the sentence.

But ask me for my Christian name and wow, are you for it <doh>

Back to Amps thread on what gets on my wick!!!!
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Message 45 - posted by Lambchop13, Aug 29, 2007

Hi mr norant, sorry, but I don't get the link of your post to this thread?

I don't judge others by which paper they choose to read either, all are good enough to line my rabbits litter trays, and all get equally used for that purpose <ok>

Not Mr LC500 ;-) but still a TWITs
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Messages  41 - 45 of 45


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