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18th August 2019
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Mental Health

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Message 1 - posted by LeicesterHost_Kat, Aug 9, 2007

Earlier this week BBC Radio Leicester reported that a lead clinician has resigned from his post as a reaction to the way patients will be treated when some of Leicester's mental health wards are closed.

But this isn't the only change taking place within the county's adult mental health care provision.

Leicestershire County Council are proposing to 'modernise' the current system by fitting mental health care to individual people's needs, but service users are worried that this will actually mean less time with support workers and less interaction with other people.

BBC Leicester's Katharine Sutton went to talk to some of the people at the drop-in centre provided by the Charnwood Volunteer Sector Mental Health Trust, and then Ben Jackson spoke to Mick Connell, the Director of Adult Social Care for Leicestershire...
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Message 2 - posted by Not_such_an_avid_reader, Aug 21, 2007

I'm not sure that this comes under mental health, but have you seen the good news and the bad news today?
Good news - Blueberry tarts and muffins could hold the secret to beating Alzheimer's disease.

Bad news - if you eat them 'from an early age'.

I'm just off to buy some, in the hope that I am not too late!

Yours sincerely
Ernest (Retired)
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Message 3 - posted by supermarrowman, Aug 21, 2007

Have you thought about joining a group of TWITS in Leicestershire,we need twits like you with plenty of expeirience.SMM 650
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Message 4 - posted by pompomwhiting, Aug 21, 2007

Hello Leicester Host. I think that we in Shropshire have worked out that if cuts are going to be made mental health service is top of the list. Lets face it, the NHS spends a lot on inefficient management but if they lost their jobs the social service spending will only get stretched. Swings and roundabouts.

I've have opted out. You suckers can carry on funding health care that won't be delivered if you like.
Light at the end of the tunnel? A councillor sufferred a stroke and ended up in RSH for 5 months - can you believe he didn't get foot care in all that time!

Pom very sensibly broke Mr Pom out of the PRH in five weeks against medical advice but with instinctive sense. He still has the fungal infection in his toe nails that he picked up in there but at least he can walk and has a reasonable quality of life that the professionals didn't think he would have again!
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Message 5 - posted by 800lbGorilla, Aug 22, 2007

On the basis that prevention is better than cure perhaps we ought to be considering why the numbers of people suffering "mental" illness are rising steadily. Life in the modern Consumer Economy is incredibly stressful and leads us to live lives far removed from those which we have evolved to inhabit. A drive to a less materialistic and less greedy, self-centred society would drastically reduce the number of people who need treatment.
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Message 6 - posted by pompomwhiting, Aug 22, 2007

Yes Gorilla.

Pom's suggestion. Start by getting rid of wage earning Caring professionals. You can't pay someone to care. We may be able to get back to a caring society. Valuing each other without needing a financial incentive - great!
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Messages  1 - 6 of 6


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