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20th June 2019
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Where are the Tory dope smokers?

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Message 21 - posted by U8915049, Jul 19, 2007

Asprin is a drug. Caffein and alcohol.

Is JoP suggesting that any politician or person in a position of authority should resign or be thrown out?
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Message 22 - posted by beerboy6, Jul 19, 2007

Is JoP suggesting that any politician or person in a position of authority should resign or be thrown out?

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Come on BarmBunty

That actually doesn't sound like too bad an idea when you really think about it, does it.<laugh>
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Message 23 - posted by U2448401, Jul 19, 2007

And your point is? we know that excessive use of ordinary cannabis or significant use of stronger 'skunk' can induce psychosis but that the incidence is comfortingly low but cannot be ignored.Everyone accepts that most recreational drugs have severe and unpredictable risks. This debate is about the candour of a chunk of the present cabinet who have given up beating about the bush are prepared to answer questions and have opened the discussion. Most doctors lawyers priests teachers academics and politicians will have used at least cannabis and probably a good deal more besides. The Tories simply refuse to talk about it.Serving police officers had the same habits as ther contemporaries but are in institutional denial.
Drugs are drugs, calling the 'recreational' is just a Liberal way of downgrading the stupidity of taking them. It is well known that Canabis rots the brain and seeing the new Home Secretary on TV we can all observe the severe results.

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Message 24 - posted by PlainAshington, Jul 19, 2007

The question should now be who hasn't rather than who has and does a lack of cultural diversity hinder a politician?

The finer detail such as a bucket/pipe/reef/spiff or even an oily, (the resins resmoked), should all be in the public domain.

Now I know why Maggie dyed her hair the way she did and what Winston had in his pipe.

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Message 25 - posted by U3775715 - alt id 1, Jul 19, 2007

It's no wonder that it took so long to address the dangers of recretional drug. So many people refused to believe what was happening, hid from the realities and it all quckly got out of hand. JOP hasn't the first idea and being in denial offers no solution.At least the government can now tackle all aspects openly and head on.
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Message 26 - posted by U7410096 - alt id 2, Jul 19, 2007

Nobody except him and his bullingdon club mates know what he got up to and the truth may never out but Cameron seems to have deliberately and skillfully given the impression that his behaviour habits experiences and prefrences may have been more louche questionable naughty and possibly illegal than anything that has gone before. The truth might equally be dull boring bland and uninteresting. Now might be the time to start drip feeding us the racy details.

At school I remember reading how Palmerston died in an act of athletic intercourse with a lady not his wife on the baize of a billiard table.
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Message 27 - posted by U3508276 - alt id 4, Jul 20, 2007

Some Conservatives must have smoked cannabis.
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Message 28 - posted by U2059163, Jul 20, 2007

It would have been quicker if the ones in the Cabinet who have'nt smoked cannabis had come out and said so. Lets have a list of criminal convictions for the cabinet, that would be interesting.
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Message 29 - posted by U7209542 - alt id 7 (all banned), Jul 20, 2007

Google it and you'll find it.
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Message 30 - posted by U2059163, Jul 28, 2007

Very interesting, Labour lead the Conservatives by 2 to 1, in the previous conviction rates.
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