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17th June 2019
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Moving house

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Message 1 - posted by jeremygodwin, Jul 19, 2007

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I live in Hereford but I do not feel like the area I live is right for me - I feel like I am being discriminated against by the whole neighbourhood because of my disability.

The neighbourhood is very bad because I have heard that the pubs nearby attract a lot of underage drinking and this is really bad. People in my area don't listen and they are arrogant and rude.

I would like some people to help me find a better area where there are emplyment opportunities and more community spirit and less crime and drugs. I want to live somewhere where people can help me to join in with activities like Karaoke and share the same interests,

I would like a team of people to work for me for free and help me to move to a better area. Can anyone help???

Please get in contact.

I really do need a response because I have to move
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Messages  1 - 1 of 1


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