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27th June 2019
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Should Russia break off all political tourism and business links with UK?

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Message 1 - posted by U6532874, Jul 17, 2007

By what right do we expect them to amend or breach their constitution by extradicting a Russian national? Why should we suppose that their criminal justice system is any worse or more vulnerable to political meddling than our own? What did Miliband think expelling four diplomatists would achieve?
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Message 2 - posted by U3775715 - alt id 1, Jul 17, 2007

Why not wheel out the ABMs while they're at it?
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Message 3 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Jul 17, 2007

Can't see why we're picking this fight, they'll only cut off the gas.
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Message 4 - posted by TheLocalYokel, Jul 17, 2007

All part of the diplomatic game.

If the expulsions or something similar had not taken place Russia would think Britain was going soft.

Britain will now expect Russia to make a retaliatory gesture which, so long as it is proportionate, will be accepted although lots of wounded blathering noise will be made by the Foreign Office.

Were the positions reversed Britain would not allow extradition to Russia and the game then would have been played back to front.

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Message 5 - posted by Bazza, Jul 18, 2007

Russia in all its being, has never known democracy.

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Message 6 - posted by asianboyleeds, Jul 18, 2007

its just the UK demanding one rule for itself, and another rule for others. Russia is now powerful enough again not to be bullied.

Throwing out diplomates when it doesnt get its way is something despot dictators do dont they? its embarressing how the uk is acting, like a spoilt kid wanting its own way
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Message 7 - posted by Slimtone, Jul 20, 2007


That's a pretty disgraceful posting. A man was murdered in London, almost certainly with the connivance of the Russian secret service, and who knows how high up the chain of command. It had to be sanctioned from pretty high up for the availability of the radio-active material, which is not available to "ordinary mortals." Are we bullying them by asking for the man suspected of being the culprit to be put on trial here? We know they won't extrsdite him because of their Constitution, but we have to at least go through the motions. This is a democracy, unlike Russia, which is in Putin's stanglehold. I suggest that to say we are bullying Russia is a bit like saying David was bullying Goliath. The Russians are in the wrong over this and that must not be allowed to be clouded by spurious allegations.
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Message 8 - posted by asianboyleeds, Jul 20, 2007

Of course whoever was complicit in this crime is wholly wrong, but the UK stamping its feet and throwing out diplomats... what does that acheive?

We cant refuse extraditions when asked by the russians, then stamp our feat and throw out diplomats when they refuse extraditions asked by us.

However, (apart from the throwing out of diplomats) I agree its necessary to go through the motions, for international publicity if only to highlight that russian high rankers played a part in this murder.
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Message 9 - posted by Slimtone, Jul 20, 2007


Sadly, "we stamp our feet" because there is no practical way we can force the issue. Litvinenko's death is an awful crime, but unfortunately we will not jeopardise our economic interests because of him; neither will the Russians. So a bit of sabre-rattling by both sides has to suffice. It's all part of the diplomatic game, and very cynical.
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Message 10 - posted by U3775715 - alt id 1, Jul 20, 2007

Russia should close its London embassy and throw British businesses out of Russia. We are behaving as though we could bully people in the way we did at the peak of empire..
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Message 11 - posted by U7209542 - alt id 7 (all banned), Jul 20, 2007

The Russians have behaved very well indeed. Much better than us.
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Messages  1 - 11 of 11


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