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23rd July 2019
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is pop music English? I was told different

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Message 1 - posted by globalspy, Jun 8, 2007

I like to know my history. So where does pop music come from?
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Message 2 - posted by Tommysanstarfish, Jun 10, 2007

I thought everyone knew pop music comes from..Virgin other places are available.......<laugh>
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Message 3 - posted by minnie3, Jun 10, 2007

I think some of it came from America with gospel singing evolving into Blues and then being hijacked by white artists such as Bill Hayley.

Some of it came from show tunes influence i think.
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Message 4 - posted by globalspy, Jun 12, 2007

Some of it came from show tunes influence i think.

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I don't think so, simply because blacks were not allowed to socialise with whites. They did their own thing and in their own community. It is documented that whites heard the music and was completely fascinated by it. Also it was initially called negro music and was then called popular music once it became recorded and sold. So popular music is now pop music!
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Message 5 - posted by minnie3, Jun 12, 2007

No i meant Glo that some of the pop music was influenced by show music such as Roxy Music's these foolish things for example and Cole Porter, Rogers and Hammerstein. This was a separate idea from the black rock and roll
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Message 6 - posted by stevetaal, Jun 12, 2007

It's all fusion.

The original 'pop' music came from a fusion of country and blues, into rock and roll - that is if you think of rock and roll as the original 'pop'.

Modern pop music is a fusion of many types of music from all over the world. Salsa from South America, Rock n Roll from just about everywhere now, Soca and Reggae from the Carribean, African rythms etc etc.

Some modern artistes have adopted a few show tunes but the show tunes themselves were a fusion of musical types anyway.
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