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17th July 2019
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hate crime police website axed

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Message 1 - posted by correctly, May 11, 2007

What do people think about the hate crime automatic reporting facility, BEING AXED for the whole of county durham??

This facility that the county durham police signed up to with 22 other areas of england, in which a hate cime report could be logged onto the police computor, as hate crime. Ensuring that it was logged as hate crime, instead of neighbourhood nuisance, or harrassment.
not only leaves the gay or ethnic communities in the whole of county durham, without this kind of confidential support, And there relatives also. But it also ensures that HATE CRIME statistics, can no longer be calculated accurately either.

THE ONE AND ONLY community engagement officer. FOR THE WHOLE OF COUNTY DURHAM POLICE FORCE based at peterlee police station, Whos job it is is to make sure (for the victims of hate crime) that hate crimes are logged on as hate crimes on to the police computor in county durham.THE ONLY HELP AVAILABLE to make sure that these crimes are logged as hate crime. HIS JOB IS BEING AXED NEXT MONTH AS WELL.WHY? This leaves gay persons and ethnic minorities. up the creek without a paddle, when being dealt with on hate crimes done to them, by anti gay, and racialist police officers in the area, They are NOW AT THE MERCY OF THESE POLICE OFFICERS COMMITTING HOMOPHOBIC HATE CRIME AND RACIST CRIME AS WELL on the unsuspecting public , when victims of hate crime go to these officers for help in the first place.
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Message 2 - posted by patsy, May 11, 2007

Perhaps you could post a link to this item please.

My initial thoughts are, maybe there is not enough of this 'hate crime' to warrant it?
Or maybe there were people who were abusing the facilicy for 'malicious' reporting?
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Message 3 - posted by The_Kn0ckers, Jun 18, 2007

How can you link opposing crimes under one banner of hate, it sounds like it is you that has his job and you with the hate.
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