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17th July 2019
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Booking Holidays on the internet.

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Message 1 - posted by durhammel, Apr 19, 2007

I went to Tenerife last year payed over 1000. When i came home i looked on the Internet and found if i booked the same hotel and flight i would have saved 250. The trouble is i want to go back to the same place, but i begrudge paying the same price as before our it might be even more. What internet site could i trust, and anyone who has booked on line have they been happy with paying by card over the internet.
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Message 2 - posted by asianboyleeds, Apr 19, 2007

I wouldnt have any hesitation in using the net to book holidays. It is always cheaper.

The trick is to go into a travel agents and let them find you a nice holiday. Then when they give you the print out, find the same holiday on the net and book direct.

I went into a local travel agents branch and our holiday to Goa was 1,400 - the one that I liked. The print out said it was with Manos tour operatour. I came home, and found the identical holiday on the manos website direct for 400 quid less. The travel agent obviously needs to make a commision.

I used manos/airtours/mytravel a few months ago again and booked a holiday to mexico. I'd certainly reccomend them. They do direct flight holiday packages from manchester to thailand, goa, cancun etc but at prices not much more than spain.
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Message 3 - posted by durhammel, Apr 19, 2007

Thanks i will do that go down the high street next week and get a print out from a travel agent. The sooner a book it the better i will feel.
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Message 4 - posted by pompomwhiting, Apr 19, 2007

I can't afford a holiday. Can't afford a fine either so the courts are going to disqualify me from driving instead.
Pom expecting to get fit walking and having the beneifit of excitement generated by driving whilst being banned.
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Message 5 - posted by Wearamuda, Apr 19, 2007

The following are fairly reputable:
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Message 6 - posted by sixandnine, Apr 19, 2007

Just google "cheap holidays" and search through the sites it brings up.

Even the ajor operators have their on-line booking agents, often quite a bit cheaper than the highstreet.

Don't take the first one you find though, it may be even cheaper on the next site
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