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13th October 2019
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Brookside DVD Petition

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Message 1 - posted by leelad05, Apr 12, 2007

Hello i am just making my first ever post on here, and i really hope i get a good responce, I have been intouch with the Liverpool Echo recently (mike hornby) and its about my DVD petition to bring Brookside back, Now i am from huyton and a online Brookside mate of mine from Essex came up with this idea about 2 weeks ago, and we thought it was a really good idea at that, So we made our Description for our petition first which i think is Really good and tells alot of why were doing this petition. And then it was officialy up and running at 10pm last Wednesday.

Now we currently have 173 Signatures in just over 1 week which is Amazing, I also have put up little small posters of my Campaign in the Page Moss area (post office, Newsagents) and in the (old swan newsagents) And i thank them for allowing that! And will be posting more around Liverpool soon.

The reason is When Brookside finished in 2003 we were promissed dvd releases WE NEVER GOT! And yes one dvd was released but was still promissed more and on the dvd that did come out there were Trailers of up coming dvd's one involving Barry Grant going after Damions killers,
Now i know the dvd's didnt come out because of poor sales with the first dvd, But i think because of the Grant storyline was so big back in the days of when Damion got killed i think it would of sold quite good. Or even Limited Edition (why not)..
But nope still nothink.

Brookside fan base is still massive on the net but has been shatterd because of who ever owned Brookside would take action so fan sites had to close, But its all coming back, even if it is slowly, And so we contacted the Daily mirror which the Editor put on his blog page at and then we contacted Echo, And they have seemed to be very intrested about our campaign, And it is going into the Echo maybe tomorrow. And we really hope our signatures shoot up. It would really help us, And the Echo are also trying to contact Phil Redmond about this but he is away for easter so cant wait for that.

I also got my picture taked a few days ago by a photographer from the Liverpool Echo, And even my mate Dan from Essex drove all the way to Liverpool just to be here with me to get into the paper, And it just shows you how commited we really are. We miss Brookside it was the BEST soap on uk, Especially when you look at them all now, It done every storyline first in the BEST possible way.

And after 21 years it just still didnt get that chance. Look at Crossroads that has been revamped about 2 or 3 times? why couldnt Brookside get its chance? Why can Crossroads get dvd releases? Why cant Brookside?...
Yeah exactly i hope your understanding me now,

So i hope we get in contact with Phil, and Keep an eye out in the Echo for our Article,

If you wish to support me and Dan with our Campaign please put your Signature to our petition at Also please spread the word, This also helps Liverpool city itself as its the BEST thing Liverpool have ever had TV wise.

We also want to ring the BBC as i know they do seem to help out with soap fans with things! But i dont know which is best number to contact them on??.

Thanks for reading.
Lee Brady & Danny Burton
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Message 2 - posted by Alan Amp, Apr 12, 2007

I thought Brookside was a load of violent rubbish which did Liverpool a lot of harm. And helped to enforce its stereotypical image.
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Message 3 - posted by beerboy6, Apr 12, 2007

I'm not sure whether they could bring Brookside back as Sinbad is very busy now in Salford.

Best thing to do would be to write to an MP I would have thought.

How about Boris Johnson.<whistle>
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Message 4 - posted by banned user - L 9, Apr 12, 2007

i love the heavies when they go into action in tocky at night time :)
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Message 5 - posted by Alan Amp, Apr 12, 2007

Or William Gladstone !
I'm not sure whether they could bring Brookside back as Sinbad is very busy now in Salford.

Best thing to do would be to write to an MP I would have thought.

How about Boris Johnson.<whistle>

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Message 6 - posted by themadhatter43, Apr 16, 2007

I loved Brookside. I do not think though, that they could bring it back. I feel now, that times - from the 80s - have moved on - as far as Thatcher and the Tories are concerned. There was a different atmosphere then, in the 80s to now. It would be very difficult to bring Brookside back, as it was.

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Message 7 - posted by banned user - L, Apr 18, 2007

brookie was pure scouse class
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