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20th July 2019
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David Bellamy...........he's the MAN

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Message 1 - posted by GraciesGrandad, Apr 9, 2007

Now have you ever thought why we don't hear much from our local hero David Bellamy on the BBC or in the media, eh, well I'll tell you why, it's because he doesn't subscribe to the current media hype and hysteria on global warming THAT'S WHY. He and some others believe there is "climate change" but not global warming fuelled by man and I'm with him 100% on this.
Keep on shouting David and if you want someone to shout with you I'm your man.
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Message 2 - posted by Wearamuda, Apr 10, 2007

I think David Bellamy rocks too. He was always on TV when I was a kid and he's great. He once did a news report on the insects in a hedge at the bottom of my street in Sunderland. The hedge was nothing special, it was just a big hedge, but he just thought it was wonderful and told everyone so. What a hero!

With all due respect, however, it has to be said he's in a minority on global warming. Global warming is not some crazy conspiracy by people with a vested interest, it's the honest opinion of people who are trying to make sense of something as vast and complex as the Earth's climate based upon the best evidence we have. I think it's good that people like David Bellamy raise doubts about global warming (if everyone is thinking the same thing, then people aren't thinking), but the reasonable position to take is surely with the consensus.

Bellamy is a national hero in my opinion, one of the great environmental campaigners who was trying to get us all to respect the environment long before the likes of Madonna and U2 jumped on the bandwagon. Even if you think global warming is a load of tosh, I think Bellamy would absolutely agree with the responses that have been proposed to counter it. We shouldn't be treating the environment better just because we are scared of the consequences, we should be acting more responsibly, cutting our energy consumption, cutting our pollution, because it's the civilised thing to do, the right thing to do.
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Message 3 - posted by GivemehopeJoanna, Apr 10, 2007

Bellaamy may be wrong, but atleast he is not a hypocrit like Madonna and Bono, it is a sad reflection on british and global society that self promoting singers can present ill thought out nonsense whilst controversial thinkers are effectively censored.

Cap'n J Jerome

And once we start the meter clicks
And it goes running all through the night
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Message 4 - posted by BBC_Wear_Team, Apr 12, 2007

As part of the BBC Wear team, I just thought I'd let you know that David Bellamy has spoken about his vies on climate change and you read and see the interview here -
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Message 5 - posted by GraciesGrandad, Apr 17, 2007

Davis said "Climate change is happening, it's been happening all the time there has been a climate, and there certainly is a period in recent times when it appears that the temperature is going up and up.
But I would show you this one thing out of the paper strawberries in December, frog spawn in February not 2007 but 1868 and no one blamed global warming then. I have asked the global warmers how to explain facts like that and they always don't give me an answer. So I am a sceptic."

and so am I
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Message 6 - posted by PlainAshington, Apr 17, 2007

Not being a scientist, but accepting Sir Dave is a bright bloke.

Add his sun spots to this:

If Dave is right and Cambridge is right, does that not make the whole thing work faster?
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Messages  1 - 6 of 6


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