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19th September 2019
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Should war death coroners be specialists?

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Message 1 - posted by U6532874, Mar 19, 2007

Oxford's coroner is to lose his role in deciding the cause of death for corpses arriving at Brize Norton because the coffin runs are to be moved to Lyneham and a trio of inexperienced part time Wiltshire coroners will take over. Is this a poodle government's response to American complaints about the recent 'friendly fire' case where Oxford returned an unlawful killing verdict?

How come we never kill Americans with our friendly fire?
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Message 2 - posted by U3220267, Mar 19, 2007

Probably because we don't try hard enough!

How come we never kill Americans with our friendly fire?

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Message 3 - posted by PlainAshington, Mar 19, 2007

Actually WC, that might work in favour of justice. The less you know about the mechanics of the military, the less likely to be baffled by bull. You can't lawfully shoot your own side?

The Oxford Coroner wasn't given all the information available which is a cover up in any language; ergo unlawful.

American friendly fire on the British has to be small fry compared to how often they shoot each other on the scale of deployment?
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Message 4 - posted by U1688149, Mar 27, 2007

There should be a Coroner responsible for deaths abroad. The media does not seem to concern itself with the inordinate delay in conducting inquests into civilian deaths within Oxfordshire that has been caused by the Coroner also having to consider military deaths.

Another option would be to assign the case of each serviceman to the Coroner / Procurator Fiscal responsible for the area where the deceased service person enlisted.
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Message 5 - posted by U3326594, Mar 29, 2007

the coffin runs are to be moved to Lyneham

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Temporarily, at least. Lyneham is moving to

Brize Norton

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in the next few years, and I can't see us being out of any of the wars we're currently embroiled in by then.
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