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17th June 2019
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Slave Trade

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Message 81 - posted by minnie3, Aug 17, 2007

the conditions they were working in and the long hours till midnight. They got wages docked for trivial misdemeanours or even if they want to leave (1.5 months wages). Also the toxic fumes made them ill. They were often young girls from poor families in remote villages.

They sleep in horrible dormitories sharing beds and there is no hot water and hardly any bathrooms. Just so my son can have an action man.

I know someone has to do it Dan but could things not be improved for these poor workers.
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Message 82 - posted by Danmouth, Aug 17, 2007

I'm not saying I agree with it, God no, it's awful conditions but i'm afraid that's the way the world works. We can't have every single country in the world be the same, have the same rules and conditions, have the same views. We as society need to accept that bad things occur all over the world and always will. With thousands of charities world wide, it's madness, we can't help everyone. If you dont agree with how these poor folk are being treated, dont buy your son an Action Man. Do your bit.
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Message 83 - posted by Choccybic, Aug 17, 2007

The indigenous Britons were enslaved & horribly mistreated during the Roman occupation only a few years ago (well, a couple of thousand but who's counting). Just think how much Human Rights abuse took place back then. I think as reparations we should each receive a bottle of Chianti or at least a nice Pinot Grigio every year from Rome. Ideally a couple of weeks in a nice villa too as a stress reliever but thats maybe asking too much.

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Message 84 - posted by minnie3, Aug 17, 2007

Hiya Dan, it is a difficult one and you can't help everyone but this article was distressing to read :-).

The article implied if none of us bought the toys it would cause hardship for these people as well. Perhaps i should lobby the toy companies and complain and be a bit more proactive.
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Messages  81 - 84 of 84


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