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26th June 2019
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Nothing in Hereford

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Message 1 - posted by yedak1, Mar 5, 2007

I have lived on and off in Hereford since the 1960s. As a youngster there was nothing for children to do in Hereford then. There is still nothing to do.

I have an Eleven year old grandson. With the exception of joining the odd football/rugby club, there is no general fun activity for children of this age group, and there never has been. There is concern over children misbehaving, roaming the streets at all times and becoming very disillusioned. Is it not time that the council, and government provided better facilities for these young children without parents having to fork out attrocious sums of money for children to have the life they are entitled to. The Leisure Centre could provide the type of clubs seen for children during holiday, at a reasonable rate, during weekends or evenings. Something must be done to prevent the cycle of boredom surrounding youngsters of today. I do not see 'Human Rights' activist fighting for better facilities for children.

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Message 2 - posted by Adrian47uk, Mar 30, 2007

Hereford is getting to be a waste of space, in fact Hereford is a waste of space. even if things are started up in Hereford it is normally over priced and then fail or the tax payers end up supporting it just like the courtyard.

I can see why the younger people are moving out of this city, and if I was younger and things was different I think I would be gone, I should have gone 5 years ago wen I had the chance.

anyone who have any sense would leave this over taxed city.
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Message 3 - posted by jeremygodwin, Apr 10, 2007

I agree with you, the council get everything wrong and there is not much to do for young people.

I would like to see some changes in Hereford starting with lower taxes and more facilities and social things.

i have set up my own clubs for KARAOKE and AISHOWS. Anybody is welcome to join them.

Get in contact!

I feel that Hereford council are backwards and there needs to be a campaign to sack coucillors from their jobs.

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Message 4 - posted by non, Apr 22, 2007

I could not agree more that Hereford is dead when it comes to things to do.
I am a disabled crafter and on a Hereford web search found no clubs for either Disabled or Crafters.
At present I am looking into setting up a Scrapbooking club where all are welcome, disabled, able bodied anyone.
We will hopfully also be doing card making and any other craft people want to try.
As I said this is in the planning stage at present but I will keep you all posted.

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