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26th August 2019
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Jury to sit on Diana Inquest.

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Message 1 - posted by U6532874, Mar 2, 2007

Silly or Sensible? Part of a continuing Establishment conspiracy?

Very bright and independent senior judge Butler-Sloss decided not to have a jury because she felt that the families and public needed an objective unemotional closely reasoned analytical written judgement on the evidence which she correctly and candidly considered would be impossible for a lay jury to acheive. Now the High Court has overturned her and it seems that the only opinion the public will get from this inquest will be a one or two word finding.This will give no one a conclusive answer to anything.
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Message 2 - posted by U7209542 - alt id 7 (all banned), Mar 2, 2007

It is a conspiracy to stop the skillful and final destruction of the wild conspiracy allegations. A jury will just foul it up through naivety inexperience prejudice and ignorance.
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Messages  1 - 2 of 2


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