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23rd September 2019
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Torquay United: a lost cause?

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Message 1 - posted by Devon Host Kevin, Feb 21, 2007

Crisis-torn Torquay United are fighting another relegation battle, and chairman Chris Roberts has left the club after just four months. Can the Gulls stay up, or are they doomed to the Conference? Should former chairman Mike Bateson have sold shares to Roberts in the first place. We'd like to hear your views on the future of the club.
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Message 2 - posted by johnharrison, Feb 21, 2007

If you look at where Torquay is situated and the size of the local population then I would say they are a lost cause and have been for quite a while. And the fact gives me no pleasure as I am a fan of the team that finished above them in the 1985-86 season when Torquay finished botom of division 4. Thats Preston North End by the way.

As I said geography is against the clubs in Devon. Plymouth do reasonably well but then again it is a large city. It may be that going in to the conference may actually help them.

But I wonder whether the league shouldnt seriously consider going back to the regional divions that existed prior to 1960?
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Message 3 - posted by TCGull, Feb 21, 2007

Torquay can still stay up if all supporters get behind their team and Colin and Keith can somehow recruit a goalscorer and experienced central defender ASAP. It hasn't escaped most supporters notice that the downward spiral (accelerated dramatically by Roberts) actually commenced when we got promotion to League 1 and we failed to strengthen the middle of defence(Goalie included) as well as allowing our best midfielders and strikers to leave for "greater things". Too many of our supposed "loyal" players spend half the seson injured or suspended whilst time has blunted any talent they may well have had in the first place!!
This may seem harsh criticism but i genuinely believe our team would still be in League 1 if not for a complete failure to invest in a couple of crucial positions a few years ago.
Nevertheless i'm Torquay through and through and let's get behind Colin, Keith and the lads and wish them all the luck in the world coupled with the fighting spirit we know they have. It's not too late.C'mon you Gulls!!!!
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Message 4 - posted by U6196471 - alt id 5, Feb 21, 2007

Perhaps the Plainmoor ground could be used for rugby.
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Message 5 - posted by johnharrison, Feb 21, 2007

A good few years ago Torquay palyed at Deepdale in a midweek fixture. How many Torquay fans were there in the away end? One! At half time the steward went across to him and told him that the PNE directors sent their compliments and asked him to join them in the directors box for the rest of the match.
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Message 6 - posted by TheLocalYokel, Feb 22, 2007

According to the last Census figures Torbay has a population of around 130,000, so it is not some sort of village.

If somewhere like Yeovil which is situated in a rural and relatively sparsely populated area can be successful, and attract crowds that regularly exceed 5,000 in number, there is no reason why Torquay could not do the same if they could get some forward momentum on the pitch for a year or two.

Another example is Colchester, currently in the top half of The Championship.

Not many years ago Colchester was a club on a par with Torquay with the same potential. Now their small ground is getting house-full notices put up for some home games with around 5,000 inside.

With similar success on the pitch who is to say that the same sort of thing would not happen at Plainmoor?

In relative terms Torquay Utd is doing no worse than my local teams in Bristol, and probably a bit better. With their resources (especially City), at least one should be in the Premiership.

Where are they? In Div 3 and Div 4, or League One and League Two as these divisions are now grandly called, but fancy names cannot alter the fact that it is the basement area.

Where are the Gulls? In Div 4.

Let's hope the Gulls avoid the drop and that Exeter City get back into the League.

The greater South-West needs as much sporting success as it can get as we are miles behind most other areas in almost every aspect.

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Message 7 - posted by johnharrison, Feb 22, 2007

Unfortunately despite the population of the Torbay area Torquay will never get strong support. I'm not going to make any sterotypes about the area being full of retired people, but the south west in general is not a hotbed of football. Bristol City are the only club in the area that has ever been in the top division.
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