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26th June 2019
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Margaret Thatcher

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Message 1 - posted by Tony_Wadsworth, Feb 21, 2007

Is Margaret Thatcher the greatest peace time Prime Minister ever? I ask this on the day a new statue of the Iron Lady is unveiled in Westminster.

So more than 15 years after her premiership ended, with hindsight, what do you think of her now?

Was she the saviour of Britain in the 80's? Or was she completely out of touch?

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Message 2 - posted by robjohno, Feb 21, 2007

Was Margaret Thatcher the best peace time Prime minister?

When you look at all she did I think any objective person would have to say yes. She turned the UK from the laughing stock it was in the 70's under labour (do you remember 27% inflation)to one of the most economically respected country's in the world. The economic pattern which has been copied worldwide not to mention by the present government.

She broke the stranglehold the unions had on the country.

She was against the Euro (Ecu as it then was)although she was bounced into it by the europhiles in the tory party and this directly led to the high interest rates of 1992 when, thankfully, we abandonded EMS (european monatry system)and we have never looked back since.

True the poll tax was a fiasco and of course brought about her downfall.

Labour have reaped the benefits and squandered the legacy of her policy's.

However I am increasingly convinced that we aught to adopt the American policy of a prime minister (President in the USA) serving only two terms. I think history now shows that arrogance sets in. Just look at Tony Blare he is more concerned about reaching his 10 year mark than for the smooth running of government. How arrogant is that?
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Message 3 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Feb 21, 2007

This subject is covered on another thread.

Just type in Thatcher on the search box and you will find a thread on Thatcher with 496 messages.
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Message 4 - posted by Guy_on_a_bike, Feb 21, 2007

Is Margaret Thatcher the greatest peace time Prime Minister ever?

Quoted from this message

I would hardly describe the events in the S Atlantic between March and June 1982 as "peaceful".
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Message 5 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Feb 21, 2007

There was a survey on a lunch time programme the other day asking the bast PM since the 40s.

Thatcher got 48% another one from the 50s can't rember his name got 15%. Blair was at 8% no surprise there.
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Message 6 - posted by Pujie123, Feb 21, 2007

Margaret Thatcher dragged this country from the gutter of the 1970's. Without her we would have continued to be dictated to by the unions - runaway inflation etc...I think she was the last real politician to be passionate about her country and politics as a whole.Not just a springboard to "feather her own nest" as we see nowadays.She made some iffy decisions in her premiership but overalll I think history will treat her kindly. Sure as hell could do with someone like her right now to run the country! No way would she have allowed it to be in the mess it's in right now..Unchecked immigration..lawlessness...gun crime and mob rule in the inner cities.
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Message 7 - posted by screenflash, Feb 21, 2007

There have been two prime ministers since WW2 that set this country to ruin. Wilson was the first and Maggie was the other. During her time we did not have a democracy, she was virtually a dictator. She did not accept anyones point of view, only her own - "This lady is not for turning"

I accept that she came into a high inflationary situation caused by the JC Labour government and I also accept that the unions had to be brought under control. Her answer to the first was to increase interest rates at the expence of causing thousands of business failures and blamed it down to a global slump in business. She allowed third world loans to be written off consequently Banks turned on UK business to try and retrieve their losses. I was one of those thousands of people who lost their business and that was bad enough. I know of people that committed suicide during this period because of the "shame" that they experienced. Would this lady help and change her policies - would she hell. She was getting her pay whatever the circumstance that the country was going through. I have no time for the lady and I do not think we should acknowledge her as an important leader of the country. She. and no other prime minister since, could ever be compared with Winston Churchill.
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Message 8 - posted by Ibstock Panther, Feb 21, 2007

I am not sure what I can say about Thatcher. How many PM's bar Churchill perhaps can you say have been extremely popular by the end of their tenure?

I don't think we can call her a savior of the 80s, definately not. However I just think that no PM is ever going to please anyone no matter what they do.

You can do things to stop your popularity slumping. One may be not invading a country on the basis of there being weapons of mass destruction with a '45 minute range' only to find once you were there none could be found. Thats another thread........
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Message 9 - posted by U6196471 - alt id 5, Feb 21, 2007

Palmerston Peel Diraeli and Asquith?
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Message 10 - posted by Ibstock Panther, Feb 21, 2007

Yes, did I say bar Palmerston Peel Diraeli and Asquith?! I thought I had :-)

Reminds me in a rather weird way of the What did the Romans ever do for us? Monty Python sketch!?!
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Message 11 - posted by johnharrison, Feb 22, 2007

I dread to think what would have happened if Callaghan had won the 79 election. Maggie got hold of this country by the scruff of the neck and sorted it out.

One thing I didnt like however was that she seemed to be in awe of big business and tycoons. She seemed to forget that there are some people who will never be able to pull themselves up the ladder.

And be honest how many of you think that Balir is her son?
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Message 12 - posted by Ibstock Panther, Feb 23, 2007

I doubt it, Blair tells lies and misleads people, Thatcher doesn't have a son like that, does she????!!!
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Message 13 - posted by Hoof-Hearted, Mar 7, 2007

Maggie said.
"You'll know you're a failure when you're still riding on a bus when you're 26 years old."
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Message 14 - posted by Ibstock Panther, Mar 7, 2007

Well I'm almost 30 so that sums me up nicely. <laugh> I am currently learning to drive as I realise the need for it in emergencies but still intend to use public transport whenever possible. I really resent people that frown upon me because I don't drive.

Did Maggie really say that? Silly woman!
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Message 15 - posted by Hoof-Hearted, Mar 7, 2007

I wonder if she still thinks the same way now that global warming is the latest fad?
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Message 16 - posted by Ibstock Panther, Mar 8, 2007

I very much doubt it. <grr>
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Message 17 - posted by DavidHankey, Jun 1, 2007

I thought there had only been one year without war since "the war to end all wars" ended.

Remember, she sent us to war against the Argies over the Falklands - thank God!!
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Message 18 - posted by Tettie-Hat, Jun 1, 2007

What about the recession in the late 80's???

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Message 19 - posted by Not_such_an_avid_reader, Jun 1, 2007

"There have been five years of full-scale recession in the UK economy during the post-war period. The last recession occurred between 1990-92. Since then the economy has enjoyed the longest sustained growth of national output for over thirty years. Real GDP has increased for nine years in succession" (at least)
Thanks be to Margaret.
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Message 20 - posted by alc296, Jun 2, 2007

I couldn't stand the woman or her policies, but at least she was a conviction politician not like this current lot who'll say anything and believe anything as long as it gets them a sound bite.
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