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23rd September 2019
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Message 301 - posted by Ramslad, Feb 20, 2007

Truth be told Jonah there are times I just want to really let loose at some of the clowns who post on here, but the BBC profanity filter goes into overdrive, so I then have to re-compose my message, by which time I have calmed down:)
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Message 302 - posted by U3220267, Feb 20, 2007

There are occasions when an abortion is the last answer, I don't have a problem with that.

As long as it is in the early stages.

But you need to see how they abort some .

Sorry can't go on.

Just look it up.

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Message 303 - posted by U4357578, Feb 20, 2007

I just can't help myself.

There's a great site that I go on which is unmoderated. The owner has tried to stop use of the c word an has failed. C is almost used as a term of endearment.

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Message 304 - posted by Tommysanstarfish, Feb 20, 2007

The majority of woman that have a miscarriage are usually told, it is just natures way of dealing with a baby that is not growing properly..This is usually anything up to 12 weeks,and is why most people do not like to tell people they are pregnant untill after the 12 weeks is up..
I dont know if the morning after pill is easier to get now and cheaper than it was a couple of years ago, but I think it would be a good idea to have them free in schools.
There should be places like family planning where women can go as soon as they think they may have a need to,(like forgot the pill, been ill,condom split ect.)They could be given the morning after pill or advice straight away..They should be able to have an abortion before the 8 weeks is up..
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Message 305 - posted by Ramslad, Feb 20, 2007

The majority of woman that have a miscarriage are usually told, it is just natures way of dealing with a baby that is not growing properly.

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I don't know if hospitals tell people this, but when my wife miscarried very early in a pregnancy a mate of mine said something very similar to me (though not in quite such gentle terms) Funily enough his very basic comment provided a hell of a lot of comfort.
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Message 306 - posted by Jupiler , Feb 20, 2007

The "contra's" are very rigid in their statements. I thought rigid and black&white thoughts were something reserved for the youth, because adults have learned that things in life won't go always like expected or wished for.

It's so typical male to say when something happens what shouldn't happen that it shouldn't happen. No, some things are better when they don't happen, like using abortion as antiception. But apparently it happens a lot in england, so you have to move on from that point. Education is important, easy acces to anticonception is another. Saying that a 15 year old who's having sex is acting illigal doesn't help.
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Message 307 - posted by U3467391, Feb 21, 2007

Dear Jonah,thank you so much for your support,you seem a very decent and fair minded person and it`s so nice of you to support me as it were and I am sure Leeza feels the same.As Yodeller said I did appologize to him for phoning his works no as it seems it did cause probs,I did not intend this and never saw things that way,I did play a part in the situation which occured between Y and me and has turned out very upsetting but in my own defence all I can say is no malice was meant on my part, anything I did was because of immaturity and emotional stupidity not intent to be cruel,Venus will be thinking I am lowering my self respect here but I just want to set this situation to rest once and for all,I have nothing to hide just my bad judgement and sillyness as I said, so if Y wants to set the record straight his side he must do so I rearly am not concerned anymore,there is nothing more that can be thrown at me as far as insults and daft actions that have not been said by him all ready.I rearly thought we could salvage at least a bit of cival webb friendship on here which at this moment in time the only place Y and I have any connection but after this message he sent to you it`s obvious too much water has gone under the bridge and there is no going back friendship wise,I hate this I like to be friends with everyone but s`times it`s just not poss I guess you just have to be all or nothing and break away totaly,hope this explains things a bit Jonah once and for all and maybe after tea will be better for me to post on here I am just so fed up with trying to get back to normal as before on here and hate to admit giving up but cannot be bothered with the hastle anymore,all the best Jonah and thanks again for been fair minded and not taking sides.
Well it would look one sided wouldn't it if that's all you're seeing.
No Yodeller. It would stop happening. There would be no sides.

It'll stop happenening when the said person stops texting and ringing my ex works mobile - If i'm made to look a liar, then i'll put the record straight and you're not helping her by dragging it on on here right now. enough said on the matter to you. Unbenown to you, I am actually speaking to the person on another thread and she's apologised - so much for your take on it.

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Message 308 - posted by U7239062, Feb 21, 2007

at least shaz you aint narrow minded
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Message 309 - posted by U7339071, Mar 19, 2007

"Today, I issue an open invitation to any womam, any family or any couple who may be facing the possibility of an 'unwanted' pregnancy. If you want help to cope with raising the baby on your own, we will help you. If you want to discuss adoption of your unborn child, we will help you. If you need financial assistance or equipment, we will help you."

The offer of help from the late Cardinal Thomas Winning of Glasgow to women considering abortion, immediately prompted cash offers of help totalling more than 40,000.

This offer came ten years ago in a speech to the annual conference of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) in Glasgow. Inevitably, the Cardinal's offer propelled him onto the front pages of many of Britain's national newspapers. His message was covered too on TV & on radio news bulletins.

Cardinal Winning said he wanted to stem 'the slaughter of the innocents', decrying the 180,000 abortions performed each year in this country.

The genesis of the Cardinal's Pro-Life Initiative was met with considerable hostility from some quarters. "These bribes are an empty gesture which ignores the reality of why women need access to abortion services & why women have abortions", sneered a spokesman for the pro-abortion Birth Control Trust.

In his typical no-nonsense approach, the Cardinal hit back: "Curious, isn't it how those who champion the language of choice should be so pungently dismissive when the option of real, meaningful, practical choice raised?"

"Abortion", he said "was not just an issue for Catholics. It engages people of all religious beliefs & of none because, in essence, it is a human rights issue. What is meant by the phrase 'a woman's right to chose'? To choose an abortion is what is generally meant - in other words, a single choice. In reality, this is no choice at all. Choosing an abortion means choosing to dispose of another human being's life.".

Time will tell just how great a challenge to the Church's resources this will be. If the take-up is great, the challenge to the Church will also be a challenge to society, for it will have unearthed a seam of human need which has simply not been confronted. But it is the right thing to do - with no strings attached.
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Messages  301 - 309 of 309


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