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22nd July 2019
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Allinsons Albums-Saturdays on Radio Oxford 12-2pm

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Message 1 - posted by lifeMarkRM, Feb 3, 2007

What a brilliant show this is-packed with loads of fantastic tracks you don't normally here on daytime radio.

If you have not tuned in yet then do so as you won't be disappointed.

We salute you Richard Allinson.
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Message 2 - posted by SweetPeaPod, Feb 3, 2007

I'll drink to that Mark. Nice one Rich <smooch>
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Message 3 - posted by lifeMarkRM, Feb 11, 2007

Looks like Allinsons Albums is now on a Listen Again feature.

Good work BBC Radio Oxford.
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Message 4 - posted by Helen May , Feb 11, 2007

Hi Mark

I was just about to have a look as I was away yesterday and missed it.

Was listening this morning and the streaming seems much better. Fingers crossed that it stays that way!

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Message 5 - posted by lifeMarkRM, Mar 10, 2007

Allinson Albums-the best show on BBC Radio Oxford by a country mile.

Richard plays fab music-lots ot tracks that don't usually see the light of day on the radio.

Tune in-don't miss it.
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Message 6 - posted by Helen May , Mar 11, 2007

I'm a week behind as I realised, just in time, that I'd not heard last Saturday's show! Glad I didn't miss it as there were some great tracks, a few on the piano theme?

Will catch this week's before next Saturday hopefully!

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Message 7 - posted by Chris Evans Fan, Mar 11, 2007

Just a pity that this show isn't on Radio 2. I think it would make a good show on a Sunday afternoon before Pick of the Pops.
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Message 8 - posted by lifeMarkRM, Mar 17, 2007

Our excitement levels are building.

Just under an hour until the excellent Richard Allinson brings us Allinson's Albums-without doubt one of the best shows on Radio

Richard Allinson rocks.
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Message 9 - posted by lifeMarkRM, Aug 4, 2007

Good to see that this weekly programme is still going strong with the fantastic Richard Allinson.

IMHO the best programme on Radio Oxford.
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Messages  1 - 9 of 9


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