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20th June 2019
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Jehova's Witnesses

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Message 41 - posted by greeneyedcolleen, Aug 21, 2007

Hhhmmm i perceive a philosopher, sorry no time for a thesis. i'll do my best at answering anything specific.
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Message 42 - posted by U6267783, Aug 21, 2007

"Stay in that position and don't move sweetheart, this'll only take a minute..."


Isn't that whet you say to her everytime, regardless of whether or not the JWs call round<erm>

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Thanks for the credit! a whole minute, wow, if only....
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Message 43 - posted by Bazza, Aug 22, 2007

Just tell them to go and give blood...Its needed!
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Message 44 - posted by jofphater, Aug 28, 2007

How do you make them go away, politely?

I foolishly opened the door this morning to two (apparent)parents and a 8 year old girl in a sort of party dress all carrying zip up bibles.They wanted to enable me to have a full and spiritual life followed by redemption in the next and my notion of 'full' did not coincide and they could not accept that I could believe that there is no god.And that if there were it was least likely to be theirs. 50 minutes, three pints of tea and a packet of chocolate digestives later they left me to complete cooking lunch very sad that neither side had realigned.Should I have just told them to clear off?

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Quite simple, politle say 'Sorry I am not intreasted' and close the door. Simple, poilite enough, to the point.

If you do invite them in, you need to accept you invited them in to an extent, but it is your house. Politly tell them you have heard enough, and you wold like them to leave.

Why is this so hard???
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Messages  41 - 44 of 44


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