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21st September 2019
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Message 1 - posted by youngcornwall, Jan 12, 2007

14—15—16 Now 18 and of course they have the option to say on, and go to University if they wish,

Shouldn’t the school leaving age be going the other way?

They keep telling us the children are that much smarter,
than what we were at their age.

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Message 2 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Jan 12, 2007

It just shows that another Government education policy has failed.

Can't learn our kids upto the age of 16 so the easy option increase the leaving age, Daaaaa!

And it will keep the dole figures down.
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Message 3 - posted by Medicalemergency, Jan 16, 2007

Yes well go live in america then because they leave at 18 then college then uni or both
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Message 4 - posted by U6532874, Jan 16, 2007

Best education policy so far,Cheaper to pay teachers than state benefits.
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Message 5 - posted by Hoof-Hearted, Jan 16, 2007

Typical,raise the retiring age to 68 and the school leaving age to 18.

Work the old un's to death and give the little darlings another two years truancy time.
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Message 6 - posted by Confuciussays, Oct 22, 2007

The age you can die for your nation should be the age you can leave school, have a baby and smoke a cigar to celebrate.

One for all and all for one
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Message 7 - posted by HipScarf, Oct 22, 2007

Another two years of education will produce better-educated people. How can this be a bad thing?
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Message 8 - posted by pompomwhiting, Oct 22, 2007

Let's make it 60. I'm still being educated. Especially by reading the posts on here.

Pom will never be old enough to die for my country otherwise I would have done the noble thing earlier this year.
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Message 9 - posted by Confuciussays, Oct 24, 2007

Better education is easy arithmetic to comprehend, the fewer the ingredients the better the flavour, in time the stew will turn to mush

He who cannot agree with his enemies is controlled by them.
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Messages  1 - 9 of 9


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