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18th August 2019
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The American Adventure

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Message 1 - posted by Derby Host: Gavin, Jan 4, 2007

The American Adventure theme park is to close down, its owners have announced.

The news comes after years of financial struggle - including the decision two years ago to scrap many of the park's larger rides.

The attraction was originally opened as 'Britannia Park' in 1985 but became 'The American Adventure' two years later.

You can read more on this story at BBC News Online:

Use this messageboard to share your thoughts on the closure and your memories of visiting the park.
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Message 2 - posted by willow_warbler2, Jan 4, 2007

It is a shame the American Adventure has closed but since the heyday period of 1987 - 1997 the park has steadily gone into decline, in recent years we missed going through the main entrance at the front of the park through the turnstiles and seeing all the lovely gift shops.
It certainly hasn't had the investment it deserved. As soon as they got rid of the Missile this was the first nail in the coffin!
Obviously it couldn't compete with Gulliver's Kingdom in nearby Matlock bath or the superiority of Alton Towers.
It's sad to see it go as we both have very fond memories of visiting the park as teenagers and adults, it was very convenient being 10 minutes away!
Jo and Chris Eyre, Heanor
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Message 3 - posted by mowglimama, Jan 4, 2007

Will be sad to see it go too, started dying off when it stopped appealing to all groups of people. It had a charm all of its own very very sad
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Message 4 - posted by heanorman, Jan 5, 2007

I worked at the AA in its first year - it was like going on holiday every day rather than a proper job! The park was officially opened on 4th July 1987 by the one and only Jonathon King (maybe that was what jinxed it!!) I visited after a long time out of the area last summer and it broke my heart - it was like a ghost town (no pun intended) The decay was marked and the last few owners should hang their heads in shame- it didn't get in that state over night now did it? I will try and forget this sad end to its life and remember the fun place it was in the late 80s and 90s. I just hope that the site is properly cleared and made part of the Shipley Country park.RIP AA
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Message 5 - posted by dudleythecat, Jan 5, 2007


I live a few miles away and visited for the first time during November to a childrens party.

It was pretty clear that the place needed a good sort out. It was generally filthy and in need of a more that a lick of paint. Perhaps the council should think about knocking the whole place down making it part of Shipley Park, Heanors one postive point!!!

Goodbye American Adventure you will not be missed.

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Message 6 - posted by Miles-Phoenix, Jan 5, 2007

Having visited The American Adventure since the early 1990s, I find it saddening news to find that it's closing down, however I can't say that I didn't see it coming.

I feel that ever since the closure of the original entrance and then the closing of Nightmare Niagara (Which was by far one of my favourite water rides in the world), it has failed to catch up with the rest of the theme park world.

And then they closed The Missile and made it a child oriented park, which was one of the worst things they could have done.

However like I say, it will be sad to see it gone, as it holds a lot of fond memories.
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Message 7 - posted by laughingtreefeller, Jan 10, 2007

i am sorry to see people lose their jobs,but glad it has shut it was a laughing stock as a theme park i hope the council restore it back ino shipley country park
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Message 8 - posted by heanorman, Jan 11, 2007

yes and i hope it doesnt just become another extension of the shipley view estate
i am sorry to see people lose their jobs,but glad it has shut it was a laughing stock as a theme park i hope the council restore it back ino shipley country park

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Message 9 - posted by laughingtreefeller, Jan 11, 2007

i live there
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Message 10 - posted by heanorman, Jan 12, 2007

sorry! not calling shipley view, but i'm sure you'd agree that it'd be nice to extend shipley park rather than the housing estate. it's same everywhere - houses houses and more houses!
i live there

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Message 11 - posted by goodsimon2007, Jan 14, 2007

If the AA had installed a couple of unique rides, like a wooden coaster, that alton, drayton and gullivers dont have then it would still be open, or a unique ride from s&s like the screaming squirrel. I kept telling them in emails that if they didnt invest the park would close, I gave them loads of ideas, but they went with the childrens park, which would never work when you have gullivers so close. The park wont be missed. Perhaps the council could get another theme park operator to take over
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Message 12 - posted by heanorman, Jan 16, 2007

the parks golden era was when owned by granada - that's the sort of owner who could have saved it this time. still very sad to see how its ended up
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Message 13 - posted by lorr1e1, Mar 13, 2007

i went with a couple of friends about 2 years ago after initially going with school in 1989, i have to say it looked dead, it needed a massive paint job, and alot of the rides were closed we didn't even get half way round when it shut at 5pm lol

i am not surprised it is closed as they havent got the rides that alton towers have, they are the main competitor, they should understand they have to be creative and offer something different & better.
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Message 14 - posted by Ibstock Panther, Mar 13, 2007

I have fond memories of going to the AA as a kid. Shame to hear of it's decline but its been a good few years since I was last there. Lved the Missile. Was never in the ame league as Alton Towers, Drayton Manor.

Mark 013
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Message 15 - posted by steveb8372, Apr 3, 2007

i hope some other theme park operater takes the site over so much potentail just wasnt run properly iwent as a kid back in 1990,91,92,93,94 then again in 97 then with my own kids last october on wat was the parks final trading day by how it had changed everything gone nearly was very sad. i asked staff wat had happened they were slaggin the park off saying dont waste yr money , whilst others where sayin new rides/attractions coming for 2007. i think that management knew it was comin to an end and left staff and the public in the dark. i agree with investment there is the potential of something really good if i loads of cash i would buy it
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