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19th September 2019
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Latest Cornish Language Developments

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Message 81 - posted by U6737081, Jan 10, 2007

If you are having to make up, sorry, 'construct', a substantial amount of new Kernowek words, to accomodate modern language, then, these new words cannot be considered as part of your heritage.

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OK then, how did the word "computer" come about? Or "internet"? Or "Happy slapping"? Or "television"? These words do not come from traditional, ancient English, so by your argument they are not valid English words and should be discarded from all dictionaries instantly. The only reason we are getting your sort of complaint about Kernewek is that these words are having to be constructed in a short period of time; English has also had a massive influx of neologisms over time but as this has happened more gradually, you haven't noticed.

Once Kernewek has "settled down" following the selection of a Standard Written Form and a new dictionary with all of the neologisms in it, the rate of introduction of new words in Cornish won't be much different to English.
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Message 82 - posted by B-Newquay-London, Apr 2, 2007

does anyone happen to know if they'll start airing TV programs in cornish - like they do in welsh and gaelic?

i know it's a bit of a "chicken and the egg: which came first" situation (london speak)... but TV stuff will more than likely galvanise popular interest
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Message 83 - posted by LimeyAlan, Apr 15, 2007

Cornish activists are calling on the Church of England to confess and apologise for its part in the suppression of the Cornish language 450 years ago.Michael Chappell, of Goonhavern and secretary of the Kernow branch of the Celtic League, said the Anglican Church should examine its conscience in relation to the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549.

Could I get the bloke who owns that fish & chip shop in St Ives to apologize for those disgusting, over-priced fish in chips in 2006?..Even the gulls wouldn't touch them..
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Message 84 - posted by formerly-warning, Apr 17, 2007

Ah, yes, we all face similar discrimination. The Royal National Institute for the Deaf (or "for Deaf People" as it has been politically-correctly if un-acronymically redubbed) has been oppressing the people of Kent by forcing British Sign Language upon them, with the clear intention of erasing the culturally-unique and historically-critical Old Kentish Sign Language.

The RNID should examine its conscience in relation to its propaganda-filled treatise, "Start to Sign" (ISBN: 1 904296 04 1). If not, the Start to Sign Rebellion of 2007 will go down in history...
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Message 85 - posted by nevertype, Oct 17, 2007

Good idea. There's more and more going on in Cornish - music, poetry, film, entertainment, worship, sport ... and just sheer fun!

Let's start by puttinbg it in everyone's reach - not a lot to ask.
Message to Moderators: As Welsh and Gaelic are acceptable in some forums, why is Cornish not acceptable? Cornish is now officially recognised, so I think it would be a positive move for the BBC to provide a Cornish-language section of this discussion forum. What do you say?

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Message 86 - posted by Brian, Oct 18, 2007

Doesn't he problem with recognition of the language stem from the fact that there are still 4 versions being debated, and that the rancour and bile shed over this debate means there will not, in the forseeable future, be a "true" Cornish language.
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Messages  81 - 86 of 86


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