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20th July 2019
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Should allegedly drunk bishop be defrocked?

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Message 1 - posted by U6532874, Dec 12, 2006

Mischievious people suggest that one of London's best and nationally known bishops should consider his position after well publicised but still unexplained dishevelled events on his way home from an embassy party.

He is a great man. Should he be harried out. Didn't Jesus spice up that wedding party at Canaan by turning lots of water into lots of wine.
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Message 2 - posted by Rob, Dec 12, 2006

Let's sack everyone that likes a drink!!!

..........and watch the country grind to a halt<biggrin>
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Message 3 - posted by U6532874, Dec 12, 2006

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Message 4 - posted by Joe Public, Dec 12, 2006

'..that would be an eccumenical matter...'
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Message 5 - posted by John of Paddington, Dec 12, 2006

What and have him walking around in the nuddy, it could frighten the horses.
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Message 6 - posted by Bazza, Dec 13, 2006

Was the poor love wearing his "Frock" at the time?
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Message 7 - posted by ianforesthill, Dec 19, 2006

Should he be removed as a Minister ?

IF he was drunk then yes & I say this based on scripture, which I would assume his fellow ministers follow & accept.
Note these words in 1 Tim Chp 1

"If any man is reaching out for an office of overseer, ( Minister/Priest etc ) he is desirous of a fine work. The overseer should therefore be irreprehensible.........orderly.......not a drunken brawler........ Moreover, he should also have a fine testimony from people on the outside "

If a Minister gets drunk would you say he is Irreprehensible ?
Would you say a drunk Mionister has a FINE testimony from others?

The answer is clear.

( concerning this person I dont know him or the details, as such I give no comment concerning him personally, BUT if a Minister is a drunkard scriptually he is disqualified from holding office.....................but when has that ever mattered to the Church?

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Message 8 - posted by jofphater, Dec 19, 2006

Depends on if he is bieng totally honest regarding the events of that day, the media are suggesting that he isnt and was in fact drunk. The Bishop insists he is suffering with amnesia!

I think the real issue is if the Bishop is lying and not the reasons behind his behaviour that day. A lot of people have inadvertenly became more intoxicated than intended, and normally an appology is all thats needed.
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Message 9 - posted by U6532874, Dec 19, 2006

He is a good man and one of the best Bishops. The story is an odd one and the full explanation may never emerge but the church and borough would be much worse off without him.
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Message 10 - posted by glr, Dec 19, 2006

yet more tall tales from the men of the cloth,just add it to the book of tall tales they all love to preach about! do as i say,not as i do :) frock you .
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Message 11, Dec 24, 2006

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Message 12 - posted by glr, Dec 24, 2006

will they let him near the wine at midnight mass?

nice to see our money is being well spent,even on christmas eve,the mods are working.getting double time are you ? it's only possible by the unique way the bbc is (over)funded :(
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Message 13 - posted by philiom, Dec 24, 2006

Hic! Let us play!
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Message 14 - posted by Ramslad, Dec 24, 2006

Was he full of the holy spirit<erm>
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Message 15 - posted by philiom, Dec 24, 2006

Deary...I mean Dearly Beluffed...we'er gavherrrred 'ere (hic) thisss efvening to remhemmmber (hic) hall those not so fffortune-hat has hour-selves.......................coma............coma................................
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Messages  1 - 15 of 15


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