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22nd September 2019
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traffic wardens in sunderland on bbc tv last night. was it that bad?(MAX)

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Message 1 - posted by brenhopping, Nov 21, 2006

are you persecuted by traffic wardens?

max nottingham esq kotpi
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Message 2 - posted by jofphater, Feb 19, 2007

nope, looks like no one is!! A few wingers who think they should be able to park where ever they want, thats all!
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Message 3 - posted by Heamoorman-Barnes, Mar 23, 2007

If you feel that you are persecuted by a Traffic Warden,, then perhaps you should try parking legaly, and sensibly and use some common sense, you might then just find that the persecution stops.

All drivers should know the highway code, and what yellow lines mean, and what zig zag lines at crossing etc mean, if you choose to ignore that and park where you know you shouldnt, then its you thats just got yourself the ticket!
No one else is to blame.
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