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22nd August 2019
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max from lincoln.....visiting....

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Message 1 - posted by brenhopping, Nov 9, 2006

SEX FOR WOMEN SERIES on channel 5 tv

seemed to demean women to my way of thinking.

turning them back into mens play toys.

there was some useful stuff on sexual disease.

I was in the armywith a Gunner Rear.

(got his leg pulled) anything else.??dont ask me. \MODERN LASSES

I think modern women like Trinny and one or do others deal in humilation

they make non experienced tv people squirm

grow up trinny and susannah

act like ladies for a change

max nottingham of lincoln

FINAL COUNTDOWN tour good record. can you get it played for me
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Message 2 - posted by brenhopping, Nov 18, 2006

bgj replies.

ever been to sunderland,max?.....bgj
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Message 3 - posted by brenhopping, Nov 21, 2006

yes I have been to sunderland.

sex for ladies last night on channel 5

no jokes but very funny at times.

max nottingham esq kotpi
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Messages  1 - 3 of 3


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