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21st October 2019
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Message 1 - posted by Lizziedripping, Nov 8, 2006

Do you think another word should be introduced to describe the offence that government and social workers are trying to tackle? It is too broard a term. Like thick. We've all come to accept dyslexia.Haven't we?
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Message 2 - posted by waterloo, Nov 8, 2006

No, leave it alone. We all know what bullying is why change it. I really hate it when people try to change things like this just to appear clever.

Disabled people are no longer disabled are they? They are now “alternatively abled” and your not allowed to call old people old anymore, what is it now? “Senior employees” or something equally stupid.

I’m old, I don’t mind being called old because that’s what I am.

Just leave it alone for crying out loud!

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Message 3 - posted by Lizziedripping, Nov 9, 2006

Hi Waterloo. I think I agree with you but if we dogmatically say "no change" aren't we in danger of not progressing. We all know that bullying can be harmful but I would say that it has been very useful to me. Many times I have wanted to use my power say as a mother, nurse and passer by when bullying has helped to prevent endangering my fellow man. Their word not mine. "Oh you are a bully" they say. When I'd rather think I was effectively persuasive.
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Message 4 - posted by U2836684, Nov 9, 2006

bullying is bullying!

dyslexia is dyslexia!

we all come to accept words for there meanings,why is it to broad a term? you know what it means i know what it means,everyone knows what it means!especially the people who have to go through it.

what would you like to see bullying changed to,had a bad day?
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Message 5 - posted by U5209345, Nov 9, 2006

Hello again pompom, you have some good threads going here

Another name for bullies? I've always used another name for them but I don't think it would be allowed here. I hate bullies with a passion because they have to be amongst the weakest people imagineable.

Like yourself, I am quite an assertive person and will intervene if I think it necessary. Too many people don't which gives bullies a lot more power than they deserve.

I think the word bully (for everday useage ;-) ) is good, it's a word most people react to in a negatively manner, so for that reason alone, I would keep it, it should never, ever, be diluted.
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Message 6 - posted by pompomwhiting, Oct 12, 2007

I'm a worrying Mum. My son is a Postman. He came out on strike with his brother postmen and women recently. He told me that management have renaged on the agreement that allowed him to do his sorting/round and come home regarless of the paid shift time. This routine suited my boy and he has fitted in with the local management routine. When he started (as a casual when he finished his university degree) he had one round that included a number of buisnesses in Dawley. His first Christmas saw my boy showered with gifts for appreciation. When he took on permanent employment he was deployed to 5 different rounds and he has contentedly started at 4.30 am, 5.30 am or 6 am depending upon demand and returning home anytime between 10.30 - midday. On Wednesday this week (after 4 days of strike) Boy Pom started at 7.30 am. This was to be the top management's future regime. He returned at 1.30 and was not his usual cheerful self - told his Mum off for chatting to the postlady. (well Pom is concerned about Sharon- she has children to organise) Yesterday Boy Pom returned at 3.30 p.m. and argued with his disabled father about something trivial. This is not like Boy Pom. Today he left the house at 5.45. T.B.C. Where is Lysis when you need him? I want to know his opinion about the Lefty on Question Time's comment: "Mr Brown is being bullied by a Public School educated opposition minister." Are Private Public schools the nurturers of bullies?

Sorry Lysis. Pom is a state school educated non bully. You don't have to answer.
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