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22nd October 2019
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Pompoms no particular subject thread...

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Message 21 - posted by U2836684, Dec 10, 2007

Dear Lizzie, are you pork or beef ? <biggrin>
Good Morning Grumpy. Didn't manage to get the reply in before 10 pm. This is what I said I think? I had an evening of studying recipies on beeb shrops food and drink website. Skinny Eric's recommendations are conspicuous by their health value. You and I would probably prefer the dishes recommended by the fairer sexes on the radio station. We'll leave Reg and that dirty dancer to follow Eric's lead! This is the frivolous thread isn't it? I'm on the anti-smoking trail...........see you there.<biggrin>

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AMP our Poms a dumpling.
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Message 22 - posted by patsy, Dec 10, 2007

She does seem to be often in a Stew! <biggrin>

.... our Poms a dumpling

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Message 23 - posted by pompomwhiting, Dec 10, 2007

Hello Norant. Did you mean Dumpy?

We have to look south to Devon for the Dumplings.

Pom must get on. Been commissioned to create a bathrobe out of these Everton bath towels.
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Message 24 - posted by pompomwhiting, Dec 11, 2007

What's in a name?

If there is one thing I've learned during my 'journey' (get Pom! Using a modern idiom) of recent months, that it matters not what I am called. I've always considered it a goal to make communication and not bother about formalities. How about you? Do you get offended if you are called Mr/Mrs when you are a Doctor or a Lord? Or will you settle for 'Hey you Jimmy' for the sake of being heard?

Pom resorting to dreggs <doh>
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Message 25 - posted by sharron, Dec 14, 2007

You can buy a title like Lady or Laird for 29 something by mail order now it gives you a note to certify you own a bit of a Scottish Estate.
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Message 26 - posted by pompomwhiting, Dec 18, 2007

This one would be entitled "Don't delay. Get to know your neighbour"

Mr Pom was very quick to put the letter, that arrived on Saturday addressed to an unknown to our address, from Scottish National Heritage into to the out tray with 'return to sender'.

Meanwhile back in the Summer we were delighted to visually welcome the residence opposite. Appealing to some of the family as one helper for their move was wearing a Man U shirt. As you know I was in the middle of my driving ban sentence and very anti people in general and probably H.M.S Government personel (the man is a soldier) in particular. So I may have been a little more than usually practicing English reserve. Anyway I have failed to catch our newcomer's names.

Call it anger at the Leon result or having to suffer all these Scottish born nasty M.P's but Pom did a wicked thing yesterday. Instead of putting the letter in the post she ripped it up. She went on to ring Scottish National Heritage and tell them what she thought of their incompetence. Why the hell didn't the silly Scots woman tell her it should be No 18? Just then Mr Pom returned from his walk of the Manor and was delighted to learn from No 17 the Christian names of Man and Wife at No 18. He is busy writing the Christmas cards (doesn't know the names of nephews and neices and I give it him in the neck if he writes "and family")

Pom will do the decent thing and include the selotaped backed together letter from Scottish National heritage to a lady with an unusual Christian Name and an apology in their first Christmas card from the Poms.
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