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15th October 2019
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Are Volunteers being pushed out of the market place

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Message 1 - posted by Lizziedripping, Oct 7, 2006

As secretary of a local voluntary swimming club struggling for the 17th year to put together a report for it's A.G.M. I can't help reflecting how much easier it used to be. Before government intervention with their C.R.B., C.V.S and unquestioning support of 'Sport Governing Bodies'.
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Message 2 - posted by Broseleypipes, Oct 7, 2006

Yes Pom Pom. As a member of one of the great youth clubs of my era that was completely void of governing bodies or government interference but thankfully had the full support of the local Methodist Church, I would say they were Voluntary and the Norm. The leaders of the club had a certain amount of expertise at their vocation.
With regard to my roots, as you enquired previously, certainly from the other side of the river as I think you had guessed. Likewise I know that Pom Pom, a member of your family played for Chelsea. Sadly, some of your family do not admit to this. Is this, maybe, because of their West Ham roots?
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Message 3 - posted by Lizziedripping, Oct 7, 2006

Well dear. I think I may have rumbled even if you hadn't forgotten to sign out! I've been losing sleep and questioning your Broseley family about who might have signed up to the B.B.C mesageboard who had connections to the pipes works.
You will verify that we DO talk to each other!You just like to wind me up occasionally!
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Message 4 - posted by pompomwhiting, Dec 7, 2007

I've just listened to the Shropshire Carers Association co -ordinator. She threatens the government that if they withrew the work they do it would cost us 4.1 million a year to look after our disabled. Just exactly who do these sanctimonious people think they are? Spokespeople for the government to make them imagine that they are in charge of a caring society?

Pom would like to know exactly how many people in Britain Care and not have this shrowd over it. No wonder our children are bored!!!!!
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