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22nd September 2019
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Message 1 - posted by NorfolkHostZoe, Oct 2, 2006

Norwich manager Nigel Worthington has been sacked after the Canaries were thrashed 4-1 by Burnley. Chat about the highs and lows of Worthington's years in charge here. Who do you think Norwich should sign up as manager now?
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Message 2 - posted by davidbroad, Oct 2, 2006

All very sad really when somebody who has given such long and loyal service is treated in that way. The board had given him every chance and he had to go of course and for me the timing was spot on. I believe that we have a great set of players who can focus and, more importantly, gain the necessary level of confidence under new leadership

Of course we can try other untested and inexperienced managers but we need Curbs, Alan Curbishley, in view of his proven experience and abiltiy to re-motivate and turn round the fortunes of a club and develop and coach a team to the higher level but would he be tempted to join us when he could possibly get a more direct premiership berth soon?

Fortunately he has a good relationship with Delia and they have great mutual respect. They share the same long term view of manager/club relationships and it will not have ecaped his attention (or that of other good candidates) the way in which the Directors stuck with Worthy and gave him every chance when others would have hired and fired more thoughtlessly.

His time at Charlton had ups and downs but it had stability and he could well forgoe immediate glory for a longer and more sustained contract with owners who rate high in his respect. On the other hand, will he have witnessed on Sky TV from New Zealand how the very crowd that can celebrate success and give close support could turn against him when things do not go right, "Curby Out?" You have to pray not.

So what of the future? Well, the first thing to say is that, whether all of you realise it or not, you have a very stable and well-run club with professional management, dedicated owners and a great, if small, team of players who if they get the right management and support can yet turn round this season and pull the chestnuts out of the fire, though the odds are against it.

First be patient, the choice of new Manager is vital, will take time and the process will have to be kept absolutely confidential and so please no criticism of the process if the weeks drag by. If Curbs does not take the next plane back To Norwich, please do not start nailing your colours to the mast of any particualar candidate and then start criticising if a different choice be made. The correct choice and not a quick one is vital for the future of the club. Then accept and fully support him (or her) and give him plenty of time to settle in and make his mark as we need longer term success. Nothing critical for at least three years; through good times and bad; just ever louder choruses of "on the Ball City" if the goals go in against us. Can you manage that?

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Message 3 - posted by mesofar, Oct 2, 2006

The way they played don't bother, our lads really stuck it up 'em and obviously they don't like it up 'em do they.<laugh>
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Message 4 - posted by KeswickTim, Oct 5, 2006

Delia and Michael should have sacked Worthy at the end of last season. I understand he was on a one year rolling contract. The fans were then making it very clear how they felt, but the Board chose to ignore what was obvious to most supporters - he had lost the respect of most of his squad. Leaving it as late as they did has now cost them reportedly 750000 in severence pay which Norwich can ill afford. Although there has been little mention of the 3m money that the sale of Green and MacKenzie realised, a new manager will probably like to rebuild some of the squad from this pot of money, if it is available to him. There should be a wholesale clear out of players who are clearly not doing much for what most of us consider is a lot of money each week. Several names come to mind, but fans will have their own list. The real truth of what happened to bring Worthy down will never be known. Hopefully grievences will be shared/aired with the new manager and sorted out so that we can see Norwich City F C get into the top 6 in the Championship. No less that seven members of the squad are on international duty this weekend and beyond, so the squad is capable of seeing off most of the teams in this league
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Message 5 - posted by davidbroad, Oct 6, 2006

So Alan Curbishley's agent has today ruled out Curbs joining any team in England other than one currently in the premier league!

If I was Delia, I would be saying that I still wanted to talk to him when he got back next weekend and and to hear first hand of his ambitions and needs and then still try to address them and get him to come.

They have the greatest of mutual respect and I feel sure that Alan will do the courtesey of speaking to Delia at least. Agents think that they know best and are in control but Curbs will have the final say. There is still every attraction in having the job satisfaction and security of working for one of the most respected and best run clubs in the game.

If Curbs were to ask me, I would point out that if he joined a struggling Premiership team he would be on a hiding to nothing if results were not instant; with Norwich City he has everything to gain and would stand a better chance of being successful and respected from day one as expectations would be modest and loyalty second to none. Plus the fact that his family would have one of the nicest places to live in England still within reach of his native London.

He could still say yes to the call, "Come on Curbs, Let's be 'aving you!"
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Message 6 - posted by bnjames, Jan 23, 2007

Worthington should not have been sacked and I go as far as saying we are in a worse position now than had he stayed. I hope people can support Peter Grant and not turn on him within a short space of time... our position is not his fault.
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