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23rd September 2019
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Is Quitting Smoking Really that Hard?

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Message 1 - posted by Jonathan Vernon-Smith, Sep 27, 2006

A health authority is offering free holidays to people who join its Stop smoking Service and can prove they have given up cigarettes.

The incentive is being run by Medway Primary Care Trust (PCT) in Kent.

Anyone who quits smoking for good through attending weekly meetings, and has a positive follow-up check, is entered into a holiday prize draw.

"It really helps to have an incentive, a carrot up there ahead of you keeping you going," said a PCT spokeswoman.

Tina Rose, 25, from Gillingham, was the first winner and went to Lake Orta in Italy.

So what do you think? Are holidays and other incentives a good way of getting people to stop smoking?

Or do you think that this will not actually help people off the dreaded weed?

Do you think that itís wrong that these holidays are being paid for by the tax payer?

Is quitting smoking really that hard anyway?

Are you an ex-smoker? What was it that helped you stop? Would a holiday have helped?

Have you tried all of the stop smoking aids? Can nicotine patches help? What about this new drug Zyban? Have you had success following this?

Have you tried an alternative therapy to help with smoking? Can hypnotherapy help? What about acupuncture?

What did you try that was unsuccessful? How many times did you fail? Perhaps youíre still a smoker? Do you want to stop? Or have you given up giving up?


This is the subject of today's phone in on BBC Radio Northampton between 1pm and 2pm. Tune in on 104.2, 103.6FM or online and have your say on 01604 23 44 55!
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Message 2 - posted by Susie, Sep 27, 2006

Giving up smoking is easy....Ive done it hundreds of times ;)
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Message 3 - posted by Lizziedripping, Sep 27, 2006

My dad smoked from the age of 13 (including Woodbines) until the age of 64 when he went to the doctor complaining of cramp in his leg walking up the 18th fairway. Doctors treatment. "Stop Smoking." With an added clause - "yes it would help to stop the intermittent claudication and if he didn't stop he would probably loose at least one leg before the decade was out."
Dad's action. Stopped smoking. Now aged 85 on treatment for prostate cancer, dementia and has two legs to walk on. He would tell you that sucking sweets helped.
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Message 4 - posted by Carl La Fong, Sep 27, 2006

Does anyone actually ring Jonathan and say "I saw this on the BBC Northampton website...."
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Message 5 - posted by Lizziedripping, Sep 27, 2006

Who's Jonathon? Jim Hawkins is the only character who gets me communicating. Oh and Eric Smith, Colin Young James Bond Clare Ashford Tracey Higgins..........
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Message 6 - posted by U5848678, Sep 27, 2006

It is inconsiderate, foolish, wasteful of monies and health and smelly too. Listen to the phrase - I smoke - it is silly like a chimney and we all know the inside of chimneys is black but we don't send chimneys to hospitals which are much needed for the real needy.
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Message 7 - posted by Hands_Free, Sep 27, 2006

Incentives often help people to modify their behaviour, so does AVERSION therapy, so perhaps making people listen to non-stop JVS until they stop smoking might achieve the same result only quicker?

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Message 8 - posted by allmynamesaretaken, Feb 12, 2007

WWWhaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! a free holiday for quitting??? ahhhhrgghh I quit two years ago, I may start again so as I can get a freee holiday then. Sounds like a bad idea really think of the temptaiton while away to fill up on the duty free cheaper tobacco?
Incidently I found quitting was pretty easy I smoked 20 a day for about 5 years started as a teen. When you realise how damadging it is and how when you really think about it it doesnt do anything for you, it terms of relaxing etc, theyre all myths. Well thats how i found it anyhow and have been real happy to have quit them ever since good luck to everyone else who wants to get free of em.
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Messages  1 - 8 of 8


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