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26th August 2019
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Keen for Keane?

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Message 1 - posted by Wearamuda, Aug 24, 2006

Not confirmed yet, but everyone's chattering about it, so it begs the question 'Do you think Roy Keane should manage Sunderland?'

Personally I can say he is literally the last person I would want to see managing Sunderland. Aside from his complete absence of managerial experience, which in itself should disqualify him, my opinion is that the man is a boorish, violent, arrogant thug and I've no wish to see someone trying to manage a team who cannot manage himself.

Right now, he could hardly do any worse with Sunderland than we've seen recently, but surely we could find someone an awful lot better than Keane?

That's my tuppence worth anyway - what do the rest of you think?
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Message 2 - posted by Enoch_P (2), Aug 24, 2006

I can not agree more Keene has demonstrated an inability to control his temper and mouth and has managed to get away much more than most because of the support of Manchester United, but Sunderland is a much smaller club and much lower level players and that is where I believe Keene’s temper will boil over, he will expect his players to play at the same level as he is used too and that is never going to happen.
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Message 3 - posted by iansun31, Aug 24, 2006

he is not a world class manager as quinn sugested,but we must give him chance if he is too be appointed.and he can't do any worse than what has already happened
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Message 4 - posted by Enoch_P (2), Aug 25, 2006

Things can always get worse….
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