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18th October 2019
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Ryanair luggage ultimatum

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Message 1 - posted by BitterBronzePiper, Aug 18, 2006

What does everyone make of the fact that Ryanair has issued the government with a seven-day ultimatum to restore airport security measures to normal or risk being sued for compensation?

I personally think it is disgraceful. Ryanair is putting it's profits ahead of traveller's safety. A return to normal security measures would no doubt make Ryanair's huge profits huger still (and this will of course mean still more money for Ryanair's chief executive Michael O'Leary who made the demand), but would undoubtedly mean security is not so tight at airports.

The government has not introduced these extra security measures for the fun of it, they have done so to ensure the safety of passengers, air crew, and the civilians over which these planes fly. I personally think they should be able to do this without a fear of being sued. This can only compromise the safety of the general public.

Yes this has meant delays for many people, but I for one would rather be delayed than be blown out of the sky and end up dead.

This is a clear example of businesses putting concern for their profits in front of public safety.
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Message 2 - posted by agrielectrics, Aug 19, 2006

In principle I agree with you op.

However if ecconomy airlines are to exist they must have mass customer throughput, at the moment they can't do this. Secondly RyanAir make most money out of 'accessories' eg drinks , surcharges on overweight bagage in the hold. The latter is difficult to maintain if everything must go in the hold. I would not like the likes of RyanAir, Easyjet etc to close shop

With continued restrictions the chances of several ecconomy airlines going bust is very high if not inevitable. Of course passenger safety should never be comprimised (or that of the people they crash land on!) but then restrictions should not be in place if the risk has diminshed significantly.

As for the actual act of sueing the government, well its probably premature and I would expect any such action to fail.

One thing I wouldn't like to see is more business for BA never liked them for retiring concorde early at our expense! esp when Virgin would have taken it off their hands, however thats relatively trival given the current situation.
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Message 3 - posted by magnificentbartman, Aug 20, 2006

If you have ever flown by Ryan Air you would realise that the passengers and their comfort and safety are way down the airline's list of priorities. Profit is the priority for this airline.

Incidently, my brother was flying to Montpellier a couple of weeks ago and two stewards had a stand up row mid flight in front of all the passengers. Professional.
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Message 4 - posted by U4623931, Aug 20, 2006

you talk absolute rubbish so lets just get this right every other airline are not out to make a profit?????? so do they just do it for a public service?
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Message 5 - posted by U2836684, Aug 20, 2006


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hello grumpy.


i have flown on rynair many times going to ireland,and it is a low cost airline which obviously means that you get none of the frills,but passenger safety should be at the very top of there list no matter what!

as for them giving the government an ultimatum,well thats just wrong!

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Message 6 - posted by U4962996, Aug 23, 2006

There is profit and then there is profit. Ryanair is the lowest of the low. Before you go off at a tangent, arm yourself with the facts. I suggest you listen to Radio 4's Profile strand, which this week took a look at Ryanair and its founder.
you talk absolute rubbish so lets just get this right every other airline are not out to make a profit?????? so do they just do it for a public service?

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Message 7 - posted by Bazza, Aug 25, 2006

Fly cheapo, then expect cheapo attitude!
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Message 8 - posted by Yodeller, Aug 25, 2006

I didn't think you could sue the government for taking action regarding national security no matter how one may think they've brought it on themselves as some do.
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Message 9 - posted by wildrose71, Aug 27, 2006

First of all, I would never fly Ryan Air even if someone payed me to do it. I have heard about the condition their planes are in so no thanks! Also, the way they use their staff is not ok in my eyes so I rather flay SAS :)

Also, the only company who cancelled ALL their flights to for eg. Sweden after the bomb-plot thingy was Ryan Air and they did so for several days, all other companies flew as usual. They did not follow the rules on how to act when a plane is cancelled or delayed and didn't help their passengers at all. Most of their stranded cosoumers decided to buy tickets with other companies instead or they would have stayed in UK for a week before getting a plane back home.

IMO that is not ok and it is NOT the fault of anyone but Ryan Air really.
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Message 10, Aug 27, 2006

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Message 11 - posted by PhiloBeddoe, Aug 28, 2006

You get what you pay for.. I've never enjoyed flying Ryan Air and have always thought their staff very rude. They actually made more money out of me a coupla weeks ago during the "scare" Because no carry on luggage was allowed I had to put another case in the hold.. for which I was duly charged for.. I bet I'm not the only one.
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