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15th September 2019
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Why is Africa the continent that keeps failing?

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Message 1 - posted by nicnewman, Jul 20, 2006

Why is Africa the continent that keeps failing?

Almost every day we hear that the West is to blame for Africa’s problems. Yet, every day we hear the only solution is more aid is needed for sub-Saharan Africa, despite the fact that Europe sends many billions in aid each year to the continent.

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Message 2 - posted by U3775715 - alt id 1, Jul 20, 2006

Because the colonial powers who begrudgingly granted haphazard independence failed to create sensible practical or robust constitutional arrangements. They then wanted to have unfair trading arrangements and when the economies predictably failed they imposed penal interest rates on loans and played naively into the hands of every available corrupt tin pot or bullying dictator.
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Message 3 - posted by U3508276 - alt id 4, Jul 20, 2006

We still aren't very smart about aid. Abuses and misapplication or syphoning off are legion.
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Message 4 - posted by PlainAshington, Jul 20, 2006

Might be something to do with water. No water, no grass, no cows, no butter.

AIDS - Reduce population to sustainable level, nice place to go for a sun tan, problem solved!
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Message 5 - posted by nicnewman, Jul 27, 2006

No its much more complicated than you think - read www.oxfordprospect.c...
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Message 6 - posted by flyingtwinkle, Jul 29, 2006

Its climatic zones are ;argely controlled by its location astride the equator.

South America separated from it some 76 million years ago, Madagascar some 65 million years ago, Arabia some 20 million years ago , Red sea was foprmed also from there, so all the best places separated , what was left for Africa?
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Message 7 - posted by U4623931, Jul 30, 2006

its poorly led by greedy fat people that supresses the majority of the population you can blame engand all you like however when we lefty it it was a fine country
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Message 8 - posted by flyingtwinkle, Jul 31, 2006

Every man can transform his life from one of drabness and monotony to that of excitement and adventure if one has an attitude, how one race can be the rulers and all in all in the same place where the natives can not even stand straight, is the climate and atmosphere different economically, politically and in other fields for one and how is it that one can manage better in the same conditions when others prove themselves a total failure? Life is an experiment who ever makes it a success is the declared winner.
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Message 9 - posted by nicnewman, Jul 31, 2006

No, you cant blame the former colonial masters, after all Malaysia was as poor as Ghana at the time of independence. If you read my article on Africa in Oxfrod Prospect Magazinem youu will find it is alot more complicated than that see
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Messages  1 - 9 of 9


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