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18th September 2019
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Message 101 - posted by nativepony, Aug 17, 2006

I do remember the remark and whitnessed people burning beatle music and all that I grew up in that era and have never thought for the of religion it serves no real purpus in life only for money grabbing brain washers, if thier is such a thing as Hell, then we are in it,no place could be worse than this,like I say religion only fills grave yards,and every war has been caused by it
No Del....Jesus would not have banned the record, He gave us a free will.
Nativepony, I don't know your age but John Lennon did once say in the 60's that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus...and what an uproar that caused.
Obviously Imagine is anti God, you only have to listen to it to know that. But wether the school should ban it is of course up to them....we all have a free will after all.

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Message 102 - posted by Victor_ffx, Aug 28, 2006

I think the church school did the right thing. If you are sending your child to a school that is supposed to bring them up in the way of the Lord then what would you think if you went to their term end play and heard them sing "Imagine no religion" It wouldn't go down well. I know that what he is singing is true. If there was no religion there would be no wars but that doesn't work out for us Christians.
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Message 103 - posted by Devon_Dumpling, Aug 28, 2006

..... If there was no religion there would be no wars but that doesn't work out for us Christians.

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Victor_ffx, are you sure you meant what you said? Wars, with their asociated mass destruction and killing are good for Christianity?

If that is true then Lenin was right and we should destroy all religious artefacts and force the Vicars, Imams, Bishops, Rabbis and like persons to get "Proper Jobs".

Perhaps you would like to rewrite your post?
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Message 104, Aug 28, 2006

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Message 105 - posted by Victor_ffx, Aug 28, 2006

I do mean what I say. If there was no religion, there would be no war. But it I can't say religion should be done away with because I am a Christian, and Christianity is the most important thing in my life. You wouldn't understand unless you had a religion.
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Message 106 - posted by Hoof-Hearted, Aug 28, 2006

Without doubt Lennon/McCartney were a good partnership but indivdually it's a different matter.Lennon's "Imagine" and "Woman" were truly awful dirges and McCartney's "Frog Chorus" was frankly embarassing.
It's an awful song and should have been banned on grounds of good taste anyway. Only a simpleton could find anything remotely atractive about its sixth-form angst lyrics.

Suggest you look up the word angst as it would seem that you've used in out of context against a person who is acknowledged by better songsmiths than you or I including Webber and Rice as part of the best songwriting team since Rogers & Hammerstein or Mozart.

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Message 107 - posted by Victor_ffx, Aug 28, 2006

Oh I see what you're saying, It came out wrong in the post you're referring to. Of course war isn't good for Christianity. Christ came to save people from sin and to promote peace. All Christians should disagree with war.
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Message 108 - posted by GroovyJJJ, Sep 1, 2006

Im not religious and dont think it is anyones right to preach to anyone else. Everyones belief is different,some people need religion to get through life, others are strong enough to live withouit.
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Message 109 - posted by Victor_ffx, Sep 2, 2006

I don't think it's a case of not being strong enough to live without it. Sure it's comforting to have a religion in times of trouble. But I personally think it would be easier to live without one.
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Message 110 - posted by poppyElizabeth, Oct 29, 2006

Stalin was an atheist and look what he did! Hitler sought out the advice of astrologers so I don't think he qualifies as a Christian. You can't blame the world's ills on religion, its always people who come up with the perverted interpretations and cause misery.
Personally I think Charles Kingsley hit a note for a moral code for life in The Water Babies with his Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By (S & M excepted of course).
I'm not sure English teachers would approve of Imagine with its poor grammar eg "Imagine There's No Countries"...from someone who had a Grammar School education at Quarry Bank!
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Message 111 - posted by Devon_Dumpling, Oct 29, 2006

"Imagine" is a song and like all songs has to match with the music. Anyway I'm not sure that Will Shakespeare was that clever at perfect grammar.
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Message 112 - posted by U6196471 - alt id 5, Oct 29, 2006

English school children should only sing from the book of collected folk songs.
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Message 113 - posted by mhmhmh, Nov 20, 2006

If we have to start banning things , lets at least ban something worthwhile. The bible, for instance.
"On what grounds?" I here you cry.
Well, where to start?

How about its promotion of racism and sexism?

Or stoning to death of children for disobedience?

Blood, rape, slaughter, executions absolutely every where. Should'nt it at least be rated an 18.???

Endorsement of slavery?

Is that enough? Didnt think so.
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Message 114 - posted by tractordoctor, Nov 28, 2006

Why ban something you and many other contributors seem to know so little about?

The Bible has been used the base for most law and rule in the whole of the world. Remove that and the society as we know it collapses. Many problems in the world now are happening for that very reason. Man in his wisdom has decided that he no longer needs God, goes his own greedy, selfish way and we are now reaping the results across the world.

Where does it promote racism and sexism etc?
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Message 115 - posted by tinkerbell6921, Dec 18, 2006

Did no one sing "think of a world without any people" in primary school?
I think thats pathetic.
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Message 116 - posted by *RebelBadger*, Dec 18, 2006

I think that this is ridiculous.

I remember singing hymms in assembly at my Christian primary school. I didn't know the true meaning of what I was singing, I was just happy to be singing. The hymms didn't influence my beliefs in any way.

I would class myself as a Christian as I have been Christened and I attend church at Christmas and occassionaly throughout the year. However, I have a keen interest in science and do not believe in the Bible's story of creation or some of the so called miracles that were meant to have taken place.

I don't think the children in question would be influenced by the lyrics in imagine, unless their teachers sat them down and analysed their meaning in the classroom. I think children at that age just like to sing with their friends and they wouldn't really be paying much attention to the ultimate message of the song.
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Message 117 - posted by Yodeller, Sep 25, 2007

This isnt reely me but
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Messages  101 - 117 of 117


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