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22nd October 2019
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Bristol Airport coach

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Message 1 - posted by DaveHarries, Jul 9, 2006

Hi all.

I don't know if anyone else had spotted this but a number of changes take effect tomorrow (10th July) to the Bristol International Airport flyer (Service 331) that is operated by First Coaches. These changes will mean a higher frequency between Temple Meads and the Airport in daytime hours on Mondays to Saturdays and the service being split into 2 routes:

Service 330 (Downs - City Centre - Temple Meads - Airport)

Service 331 (Bus Station - Temple Meads - Airport)

In addition, there are route revisions and extra pick up / drop off points for the coaches.

New timetables and more information are on Bristol International Airport's website as follows:

BIA - Bristol:

Bristol - BIA:

New Route Map:

Map of routes & stops within Central Bristol:

This sounds like a good idea as it will give people in North Bristol an alternative both to the airport taxi service (which seems to me to be fairly full of maniac drivers although there are some good drivers among them as well) and any other conventional taxi service (which would probably charge £20+ per head to get to the airport).

Lets wait & see if this works out. Any thoughts?

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Message 2 - posted by Rob, Jul 9, 2006

Thank's for that.
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Message 3 - posted by TheLocalYokel, Jul 10, 2006


Excellent idea to increase frequency from/to Temple Meads to every fifteen minutes during the day and early evening.

Bristol Airport could do with a rail link but wonít get one so this is the next best thing. The majority of the people flying in and out of the airport who use the Flyer get on or off at Temple Meads, and itís possible to buy a rail ticket to the airport using the Flyer for the last bit of the journey.

Not so sure about extending alternate coaches to Blackboy Hill though. The timetable shows it will take up to sixty-five minutes to reach that location from the airport and vice versa. Time will tell whether this is worthwhile.

The previous schedule (coaches every twenty minutes to/from the bus station and Temple Meads) was often difficult to sustain given the central Bristol traffic, so I wonder whether extending one of the routes wonít make this worse.

The other problem for the operator is the varying demand throughout the day and evening, largely determined by the arrival and departure times of the aircraft. It is not uncommon to see only a half dozen passengers on the Flyer whereas at other times I have seen upwards of a hundred people waiting at the airport for the next one to arrive, with the result that half are left behind anyway because they canít all get on.

An environmental group has reached an agreement with the airport whereby people living in nearby villages can use the Flyer to reach Bristol. Itís mainly aimed at commuters but shoppers etc could also use it in this way. They have to pay a fee and get themselves to/from the airport (lifts and bikes are encouraged) with the aim being to reduce car journeys from the country to the city.

Makes an interesting change because most environmental groups are not natural bedfellows with airports.

You make an intriguing comment about some of the airport taxi drivers. Apart from being a fairly regular customer I have no connection with this company and have to say that all my drivers have been efficient and driven responsibly. The same applies to the ones I have seen during my not infrequent forays into the Chew Valley and Wrington Vale.

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Message 4 - posted by DaveHarries, Jul 11, 2006


The 330 does not include the Bus Station on its route: between Blackboy Hill Top and Temple Meads it operates via. Whiteladies Road (stopping at Clifton Down, Clifton Triangle, Jacobs Wells Road, Anchor Road and into the City Centre then via. Baldwin Street and Victoria Street thus serving a number of hotels en-route.

The stops are Blackboy Hill Top, Clifton Down Shopping Centre, Clifton Triangle, outside / opposite @Bristol (presumably for that enormous new hotel nearby?), Baldwin Street and outside / opposite the Novotel on Victoria Street.

Also, my comments on the airport taxi drivers stem from two things:

1. An accident I saw the aftermarth of opposite the Megabowl at Ashton Gate and which involved an Airportcarz taxi and 4 other vehicles one of which had ended up in the park nearby. The taxi had overturned. The line I heard later was that the airport taxi driver had swerved to avoid something that ran out in front of him but considering the mess it seems more than that to me.

2. I have had several near misses (but lickily no accidents) with Airportcarz drivers whilst driving around Bristol.

Those two points were the source for my remarks: I do realise that there are some good drivers among them and to those who drive their taxis well, I apologise: I am not trying to tar the whole lot with the same brush.

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Message 5 - posted by TheLocalYokel, Jul 12, 2006


I realise the 330 and 331 take different routes from Temple Meads around the central area to their respective destinations at Blackboy Hill and the Bus Station.

It was the extension to the far end of Clifton that caused me to wonder whether the schedules might be even more difficult to maintain, although perhaps the generous timings have taken this into account.

I don't know whether you have read the airport's draft master plan for the next twenty-five years, including surface access which is discussed at some length - probably not, it's only people with time to spare like me who have the opportunity to wade through its 160-odd pages.:(

About 5% of the 5.4 million passengers who currently use the airport each year use the Flyer. The airport's aim is to get this up to at least 13% by around 2015, at which time it is anticipated that 8-9 million people will use the airport annually, although of course changes in flying habits, changes in government strategy and even the action of protest groups might modify the projected airport passenger throughput figure.

Incidentally, publication of the final master plan is overdue. The airport website is still saying it would be published in the early part of 2006, but I believe it will be out very soon. I wonder how it will differ from the draft.

There have been thoughts to extend the Flyer service to North Bristol, Weston and Bath but only Bath might get one in the forseeable future, although probably in the form of a smaller vehicle and at less frequent intervals.

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Message 6 - posted by Molly Cule, Sep 30, 2006

Those Airportcaz or whatever they call them selves are the most selfish drivers on the road. They frequently exceed the speed limits and drive on the hatch markings on Barrow Hill, they need sorting out.
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