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20th October 2019
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Message 1 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Jun 13, 2006

When is society going to realise that the Justice System is not protecting our young children from Paedophiles and abusers.

Again, we seem to be plodding along thinking things will change and the so-called Professionals know what they are doing, Iím afraid they DONíT!! Youíve only got to look at the last two weeks, convicted Paedophiles getting ridiculous sentencing

Reports this morning that the Powers in charge, the so-called ďProfessionalsĒ are arguing between them selves about whether there should be an appeal against the ridiculous sentence given yesterday to the EVIL , DEPRAVED, MONSTER Sweeny.

The Judges should be ashamed of them selves, what are they thinking of. The last two cases in two weeks are not just young children, THEY are BABYíS. Itís know good the Judges saying itís the Politicians fault, and the Politicians saying itís the Judges fault. The statement by Mr Goldsmith on the news this morning about the Sweeny case, Quote! I will look at the case files and treat it on its merits!!! Unquote. What does he mean? Sweeny was a convicted Paedophile let out of jail far too early to convict again. WHO gives a hoot about whose fault it is, it needs to be sorted NOW to protect our vulnerable children.

Iím No Judge, just a Law abiding citizen, it seems to me that if someone is convicted of a serious crime like Sweeny, given life in jail, let out early on parole, if they commit another crime they should be hauled into jail to finish off the jail term given for the first crime, and while in jail, out of the reach of BABYíS they should be tried on the second deplorable crime, when convicted it should run concurrent with the first crime.

What can we do about Paedophiles? Itís a fact that the majority of these MONSTERS canít be rehabilitated back into society without risking other children to there evil ways, so what can be done?

If capital punishment was being used I would say hang them.
Lock them away for ever?when in Prison they are unfortunately protected from the other Prisoners more than the children they abuse.

I think we should give them a choice,as I have said, they canít be rehabilitated so they should be given the choice of being locked away for EVER or have there brain cells where they get these urges from surgically removed, can this be done surgically? something needs to be done, ONE more child getting abused is one too many.

SHAME on the Politicians and the Judges. HOW many more have got to be abused before something is done???

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Message 2 - posted by U4427091, Jun 13, 2006



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Message 3 - posted by grum_back_seat_driver, Jun 13, 2006

9 out of 10 (male) paedophiles stop getting urges when they are castrated, either chemically or surgically.

You can request it but it cannot be inflicted on you currently. Seems pretty simple to me.

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Message 4, Jun 13, 2006

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Message 5 - posted by Norant, Jun 13, 2006

thats very strong of you london underdeveloped,perhaps you yourself are a judge or you condone what sweeney did?

NORMAL people would want to see him dealt with with the full and proper weight of the law,because beleive it or not it is there!its just that the people who used to be held in such high esteem I.e judges are feeling a lttle bit finiky about sentencing these people to life meaning life.

glib is a little to easy for your pathetic comment,HANG THEM that's as easy as it gets to rid us of perverts.
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Message 6 - posted by Grampus Is Walking in a Woody Wonderland, Jun 13, 2006


Good work norant!! <ok>
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Message 7 - posted by U4427091, Jun 13, 2006

What did he say?
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Message 8 - posted by Guy_on_a_bike, Jun 13, 2006

What did he say?

Quoted from this message

Let's just say Maelocholium (or whatever it is) would accuse him of using basic Saxon words.
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Message 9 - posted by Norant, Jun 13, 2006

my pleasure the risk of appearing rude <whistle>he seems to have a thing for you?
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Message 10 - posted by Norant, Jun 13, 2006

sorry three minute rule meant i got my messages messed up.

i must concentrate before posting.
i must concentrate before posting.
i must concentarte before posting.(ONE HUNDRED TIMES)
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Message 11 - posted by grum_back_seat_driver, Jun 13, 2006

Hey norant<ale>

It was grampus who thanked you, but I will too<biggrin>

The guy was cross because I teased him for advertising on the boards, then he followed my discussions!

A very angry man he was, oh yes.
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Message 12 - posted by Norant, Jun 13, 2006

oh diddums to him grum.<ale>
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Message 13 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Jun 18, 2006

Paedophiles to be moved from hostels close to schools! Shouldn't this have been done years ago? No, it needs a daily paper to instigate pressure on ministers !!

Some Guy this morning on the news hitting out at the anger at Judges, saying it's unfair and the Judges are very "upset" at the criticism. "UPSET"!!!!
How do they think the families of the Abused, Raped, and Murdered children feel. IT'S far more than upset!!

SO do your flippin jobs right,LOCK them away for ever. Perhaps everyone will feel OK. Well! Except for the do-gooder probation officers.
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Message 14 - posted by U3716881, Jun 18, 2006

I my opinion any nonse that is released out of prison they should be posters put up to warn people that their kids are at risk, And If scumbag commits another sex offence they should be strung up and slowly beaten to death. Because if the do it again that means they will never stop. You do gooders will think that is not right and its against their Human rights.Tuff, sex offenders should not have rights.
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Message 15 - posted by miahigh, Jun 18, 2006

i agree,you get warning labels on any electrical equipment you buy,these second rate animals should be made to carry a billboard (carrying a warning )round their neck,or whatever!for the rest of their days
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Message 16 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Jun 20, 2006

Questions today asking if the Government is changing policy because of what the Papers are saying. WHO CARES! it's about time the Government and Judges listened to someone. Well done to the Papers who are trying to get our Judges to do the right thing for our Children.

Keep up the good work.
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Message 17 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Jul 8, 2006

Another initiative by the bungling Government. For pervs not to get credit cards so they can't get on perv sites.
Why not close the sites down?
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Message 18 - posted by Norant, Jul 8, 2006

good answer bloke<ok>.normal people would not veiw them nore need them,they are there soley for peados and alike.

sites showing children should be axed,along with the people veiwing them.
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Message 19 - posted by Blackcountrybloke, Oct 20, 2006

Child rapist today found "guilty" of abducting and raping a 6 year old child.

Could someone explain to me after weeks of this trial this monster as been found "Guilty", why
wait untill December to sentence him??
Surely all the relevant people were there in the court they know all the facts why not sentence him to hang today??

Should this questian be on the other thread for "Justice or the way to print money!!
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Message 20 - posted by U5848678, Oct 20, 2006

They cannot be cured - only monitored which always goes wrong. off with their balls and let them walk around talking high pitched.
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