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17th September 2019
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Experiencing wildlife in London

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Message 1 - posted by Clark_Host, May 12, 2006

Where are the best places in the capital to watch and experience wildlife?

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Message 2 - posted by mesofar, May 12, 2006

Probably any nightclub but try Stringfellows first.<laugh>
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Message 3 - posted by Researcher 2922573, May 12, 2006

The BBC!
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Message 4 - posted by jaqueline, May 12, 2006

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Message 5 - posted by storm , May 13, 2006

Clapham Common especially after dark when your almost guaranteed to see lots of wildlife including an assortment of MPs and other famous people, so donít forget to take your autograph book. <ok> <laugh>
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Message 6 - posted by Little Richardjohn, May 16, 2006

try London Wildlife trust.

Or even the Trust For urban ecology.

Lots of ideas there.
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Messages  1 - 6 of 6


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