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14th October 2019
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What does Easter mean to you?

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Message 21 - posted by seasoutherner, Sep 1, 2006

easter means we are jetting off to the sun for a week, Spain area good and warm. as for the religous part of it i thank god for holidays.
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Message 22 - posted by 800lbGorilla, Sep 16, 2006

For most people, Easter is now just another break where you may get a couple of extra days off work. I don't think that for most people any of the religious festivals have much meaning beyond that. Christ-mass is now just the commercial obscenity of Xmas and I doubt there are very many people who know the slightest thing about the meanings of, say, Epiphany, Lent or Advent (unless in the latter case it's a calendar full of chocolates).

I was fascinated by The Narrow Road's account of Easter's origins - bit like the early Church taking over Saturnalia for Christmas! Except that, even given the problems about dating the crucification, it does seem that Jesus was crucified around about what we call Easter.

In my church-going days Easter was a time for reflection on the meaning of the Passion and a celebration of our redemption by Christ's sacrifice on the Cross. Today, I think it's probably appropriate for contemplating just the meaning of Christ's teachings, as far as we can get at what they were, and how we might apply them in our lives to our own and others benefit.
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Message 23 - posted by wiltsstan, Oct 30, 2006

The only and true meaning of Easter is the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Starting of course with Good Friday when he died on the cross Read again John 3 veses l4 to 16 - and then the accounts of Easter in the four Gospels of the Bible. Here is Good News.
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