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21st September 2019
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Miles and pints, what a mess!

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Message 1061 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Apr 13, 2007

I only encounter 'imperial' when buying beer in a pub. It seems silly the they sell beer in pints when shorts and soft drinks have long been in metric. I've also noticed that eggs are now often sold in tens rather than dozens.A farm shop we use sells milk in litre and bulk meat in kilos.
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Message 1062 - posted by John of Paddington, Apr 13, 2007

The local Co-op shop sell milk in pints, quarts and half gallons, Eggs in half dozzen and dozens. Looking along the shelves much is still in Imperial but with metric equivalent 'to make it legal'. The Government should get off opur backs, people do not want metric pushed down their throuts. Heard on TV last week, "It's 4 meters 2 feet", a good mangle of both. The Government should put it to a referendum.
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Message 1063 - posted by johnharrison, Apr 13, 2007

Jannermaid, are you sure that shorts and soft drinks are sold in metric in a pub in England? I thought shorts were sold by the gill or part thereof and as now a teetotaller I have bought a pint of coke in a pub.
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Message 1064 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Apr 13, 2007

You'll find that all shorts have been sold only by metric measure for a decade or more.Anything served from a bottle or a can is now just metric. Only where a drink is made up to a pint or half pint in a glass or tankard is measured that way although it can be beer lager cider or shandy/soft drink from a ripoff mixer pump.
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Message 1065 - posted by Wirral Red, Apr 15, 2007

Eggs in half dozzen and dozens.

Quoted from this message

THAT is nothing to do with Imperial! Metrication does NOT mean numbers like 12 are forbidden generally! You can buy cans of beer in packs of 12 but what is the volume of the cans expressed in? Yes, MILLILITRES!
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Message 1066 - posted by EdSomerset, Apr 16, 2007

Shots are served in 25 ml and 50 ml units which aren't, and I repeat for the last time, aren't metric units of measure! There is no metric unit called a 'shot'!

If I measured height in units of 1.8 metres and called them 'Eds' would that be metric units?

Whether alcohol is served in metric or not is irelevent as you don't measure it out with a pipette!

Please Mods, please end this repetitive farce of a thread. It is SO pointless and boring and I am utterly sick of repeating myself on it.
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Message 1067 - posted by johnharrison, Apr 16, 2007

Yes Ed I am in agreement with you. I think we have exhausted the Imperial v Metric arguement. And I for one am convinced that the current mishmash will be with us for some considerable time.
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Message 1068 - posted by U3508276 - alt id 4, Apr 16, 2007

The residual imperialists are dying off fast now.
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Message 1069 - posted by Devon Host Kevin, Apr 17, 2007

Thank you for participating in this discussion. The hosts feel that the debate has reached it's end as it has been some time since any new information or points have been raised. So that we can more appropriately use our moderation resources, we have now closed this debate to new posts. We hope that you understand that this will help us to continue to offer a space for you to discuss other topics of a local a nature here.
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Messages  1061 - 1069 of 1069


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