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15th October 2019
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Are We Failing the Disabled?

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Message 1 - posted by Jonathan Vernon-Smith, Feb 21, 2006

Almost half of Britain's pubs are difficult or impossible to use by disabled people, a new report shows.
Disabled customers were unable to enter almost one in five of the pubs visited by auditors, UK disability charity Leonard Cheshire said.
Other venues could only provide access for disabled customers with the help of staff, it found.
Industry body, the British Beer and Pub Association said its members were working to improve disability access.
Inside the pubs surveyed, auditors said that more than a third did not provide accessible toilet facilities.

So what do you think? If you’re disabled, how easy is to get in and out of pubs?

Are pubs the worst places to get in and out of? Or do you have difficulties in other venues?

Have things gotten any easier? Are things better than they used to be years ago?

How do you get treated when you’re out? Do people go out of their way to help you get around?

If you’re disabled, do you feel that generally you are looked after by society, or are you hard done by?

Maybe you’re the parent of a disabled child. What is it like being their carer?

Do carers get enough help from the government? Or do you feel very isolated?

Are carers the forgotten angels?

Have you ever experienced any hostility? Do people tend to look the other way rather than help you if you’re out and about?

Has your disability ever held you back in other areas? For example, have you not been able to get a job because of your disability?


This is the subject of today's phone in between 1pm and 2pm on BBC Radio Northampton. Tune in on 104.2 or 103.6FM and have your say!
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Message 2 - posted by U3163627, Feb 21, 2006

Being disabled is meanengless to Blair's Labour Government.hence the disgruntedled voices across the country. also many of the disabled are thoroughly demonalised and are subjected to cruel humiliation by a small minority of the public.not long ago i saw an incident where a person open a door known that a disabled women was behind.and just let door swing back.
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Message 3 - posted by U3163627, Feb 24, 2006

Are we failing the Disabled. the quick answer is YES.there was a case recetly when a disabled man from Coventry was stranded in Australia. because the airline refused to fly him back to England saying he was too much trouble because he was a wheelchair the end he had to pay an extra £560 to fly home on Qantas Airways.
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Message 4 - posted by John of Paddington, Feb 24, 2006

Not only failing the disabled but also failing the Elderly. There was suposed to be a Disability Discrimination Act come into full force this year, looking round the average town you would never believe it. Wheelchairs unable to enter shops, obstuctions left out on pavements to trip the blind. Sales staff that tend to walk away from deaf of blind customers, few dropped kerbs and cars parked across those that exist. I could go on about this, which realy comes down to bad manners on the part of Councils and shopkeepers. I think the worse offenders are in the Transport Industry, some are good, verry very good, but most are bad. Busses, Taxis, Trains, in many cases if your disabled, forget it.
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Message 5 - posted by Yodell, Feb 24, 2006

Trouble is, all these high street shops and pubs were built long before these new fangled bills came out. Granted there's always been disabled people but it's not just this government that hasn't recognised them equally.
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Message 6 - posted by U3163627, Feb 28, 2006

I agree JoP.that for years Governments and specially Blair's Labour Government has for years inflicted untoll misery on the disabled.who are the least capable of defending themselves.most are unable to earn themselves the same standard of living as those who are not disabled. today they are worse off than ever before.thet are paying more for their Disabled Badge yet the car spaces for the disabled are all too often occupied by the non-disabled for the toilets for the disabled. who have a special key. to enter the toilet sadly today drunks. drug addits etc.etc are now buying such a key off the internet.

Without doubt the magnitude of burden imposed on the disabled is's help they need not punishment.and what about the mindless cyclists riding their mountain bikes on the pavement like japanese Kamikaze pilots.only last year while doing work on a Curch steeple.we heard people shouting when we look down a woman was lying on the pavement and a cyclist was racing away from the incident.

In 3 General Elections Blair has told the public that he needs us.just as we need him. Blair certainly has an incompatible way of looking at those who are genuinely incapacitated.they should never be swept aside.the disabled as JoP said they need choice and opportunity to do what they wish and go where they wish and not to be herded around and told what to do .they should all have the opportunities to live a decent life.
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Messages  1 - 6 of 6


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