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20th September 2019
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Prophylatic machines.

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Message 1 - posted by U2487692, Feb 11, 2006

Is there a public convenience in Oxford where I can let my 9 year old relieve himself without the risk that he will encounter toy with or enquire about one of these agents of satan?
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Message 2 - posted by merlin2468, Feb 14, 2006

Probably not but then again that is probably because they are widely considered to be a good thing.
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Message 3 - posted by Liver_boi, Feb 14, 2006

'Agents of satan'!!
I would have some concerns that instead of worrying about your little boy and his exposure to condoms, you might give a thought to bringing him up with a fair and level understanding of the world around him. I dread to think what other blinkered views you may or may not have of society. Has gay weddings furrowed your brow?
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Message 4 - posted by Liver_boi, Feb 14, 2006

Langholme - I'm confused. I may have responded hastily to your comments on condoms because having read some of your recent posts it seems I may have mis-judged you! Happy to discuss.
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Messages  1 - 4 of 4


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