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21st October 2019
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I.D cards

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Message 121 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Apr 13, 2007

I've nothing at all to hide. A life full of blemishes regrets extravagances and naughtiness but all in the open at work and play.Some things are embarrassing, some humbling, some even revolting and shameful but all part of life. Bring it on.Bog presumably has environmental health etc examining his every oriface so nowhere for him to hide either. Presumably you have some other reason for being edgy JoP?
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Message 122 - posted by U6532874, Apr 13, 2007

I don't get your logic JoP.Only criminals will suffer from openess.I am uneasy about the revision of some libertarian law in this country but these are difficult times. What is your problem. How does drawing together what government the police taxman and multinationals all know about us into one place where it can be checked and relied upon be a bad thing?

And JM, yes we do have public health certificates coming out of our ears. And we probably feed a couple of dozen feds a day.
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Message 123 - posted by U2448401, Apr 13, 2007

I don't want to carry a card. I'd lose it. Can't they use modern technology to embed something unobtrusive into out skin? Obviously we should be allowed to wander around avoiding responsibility and consequences by being able to pretend we are someone else.
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Messages  121 - 123 of 123


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