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21st July 2019
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Biggest chav towns

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Message 21 - posted by Rory Lyons, Jun 25, 2007

y cant u let pple dress ow they wana dress n b who they wana b its their life lt them live how they see fit to

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If we do that, the next thing you know people will be making up their own language
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Message 22 - posted by BabyBlade, Jun 25, 2007

They already do

Need I go on?
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Message 23 - posted by U7487816, Jun 25, 2007

Time to vote for chav of the month.. <ok>

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Message 24 - posted by philpane, Aug 20, 2007

The Westlands area in Droitwich Spa is chavtown. It recently got one of the youngest ASBO owners in the country and crime is big the area. Droitwich is really nice to live in but only in a few areas.
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Messages  21 - 24 of 24


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