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20th October 2019
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24 hr drinking success!

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Message 21 - posted by quiet_storm, Jan 1, 2006

And a week later after new year, no drink fuelled trouble on the streets of Plymouth. So much for fears on the rationalisation of opening hours.

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Take a look at this link and think yourself lucky if you had no trouble!
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Message 22 - posted by U2369341, Jan 2, 2006

Sadly. quiet_storm some people don't even know what they are talking about when it comes to the rationalisation of opening hours.and the cost to society in Blood.
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Message 23 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Jan 2, 2006

So what did the Grimsby incident have to do with the relaxation of drinking hours? These appear to have arisen from poor social conditions on housing estates where drinking takes place not in late night pubs and clubs but off the back of cheap booze in competing supermarkets.
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Message 24 - posted by quiet_storm, Jan 2, 2006

"but off the back of cheap booze in competing supermarkets."

Yes supermarkets which are now selling cheap booze 24/7 due to the relaxation of the licensing laws.

At 12.40am this morning half my street was woken up by drunks going down the road shouting and swearing at the top of their voices having just left the pub. As one neighbour said 'at least before any problems would occur before midnight' - and we live in a quiet private residential area not on a socially deprived housing estate.
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Message 25 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Jan 2, 2006

In Plymouth most drunken and other forms of troublesome disorder seems to take place not in poor areas but in exactly the quiet residential area you describe.This has been happening in our lower middleclass suburbs of Plympton and Plymstock for well over two years before the new licencing provisions. The kids are just bored rigid. Police are now permanently placed in two major community schools.In so far as booze features these kids don't have to buy it at odd hours they can go to the big hypermarkets at ordinary times or import on the cross channel ferries.It would appear that public disorder is not to do with opening hours.
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Message 26 - posted by philiom, Jan 2, 2006

It will probably be 12 months or so before the impact of this new legislation can be weighed up, one way or another. There were many different lobbies contributing to the original debate and resultant parliamentary decision, one of which of course was the various police forces up and down the country. Most forces backed the idea on the basis it eradicated "throwing-out-time", thereby doing away with the need for intensive town-centre policing during a specific time period. That, if I'm honest is the only possible advantage I can see that comes out of the whole affair. Most other lobbies had an economic self-interest background which we unfortunately have come to expect. Regretfully , having lived abroad for some years, I do wonder if the drunken yob culture that perpetuated the legislation in the first place is the result of licensing hours, old or new. It sure ain't a problem anywhere else like it is in Britain regardless of how long or short the licensing hours are.
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Message 27 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Jan 3, 2006

It has nothing to do with licencing hours.
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Message 28 - posted by philiom, Jan 3, 2006

No, it doesn't, but a diluting of the number of drunks on the street at any one time is beneficial to all.
It has nothing to do with licencing hours.

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Message 29 - posted by John of Paddington, Jan 3, 2006

In that case why say this new Government interferance in the licence trade is a succses. As a tax raising ploy, yes it has done well, but to allow unlimitted drinking is the most stupid thing Blair has done, and he has done very many stupid thing since he came to office including declaring an illegal war.
It has nothing to do with licencing hours.

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Message 30 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Jan 5, 2006

Please think before you type John.
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Message 31 - posted by U2448401, Jan 31, 2006

Almost another month of much reduced drink related incidents.Just one or two hotspots including as ever Nottingham.
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Message 32 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Feb 9, 2006

Confirmation in all yesterday's papers that violent crime has dropped very substantially and that there has been no apocalypse following the relaxation of opening hours. Those lefties at the BBC are casting doubt on the lack of proper comparable figure but that aside it seems to have been a rip roaring success.
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Message 33 - posted by U2487692, Feb 11, 2006

Why did the emergency temporary licensing restrictions remain in force after the first war?
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Message 34 - posted by U2426416 - alt id 6, Feb 11, 2006

Easy going drinking and trouble free streets. Why didn't they do this years ago?
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Message 35 - posted by U2487692, Feb 15, 2006

As we see from recent events Nottingham is a nasty violent and irrational place. Fortunately its problems are not echoed elsewhere and versatile drinking is becoming an unqualified success. And now shortly to be smoke free.
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Message 36 - posted by jofphater, Oct 4, 2006

lets face it, we have no more problems than we did before!! most pubs and bars can not afford to stay open much longer due to staffing costs. And at the end of the day anyone can buy 3 litres of vodka from a supermaket at 7 oclock in the everning, then drink them at 3am or 8am, or whenever, and even whereever if the local streets and parks arnt sufficiantly policed.
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Message 37 - posted by U5980963, Oct 5, 2006

Its good to have a drink with food or just to relax anywhere at anytime.I was brought up next to the former fish market on plymouth's barbican and the pubs were open from before dawn.
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Message 38 - posted by toughhannahoz, Oct 26, 2006

Gives people more time with choice and perhaps won`t encourage a bad habit. Children brought up with a small glass of wine at evening dinner get so used to it as my children did that they soon
made their choices and enjoy well in moderation
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Message 39 - posted by toughhannahoz, Oct 30, 2006

I liked your reply re spending time on a Saturday night on a trolley in hospital corridor as all beds are taken.. Same happens in oz unfortunately and its not always out for the count because of drinking 24 7.......
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Message 40 - posted by devonboy_james, Jan 12, 2008

I agree with jofphater! The fact that pubs and clubs are open longer makes little difference! i live in birmingham at the moment and there's very little difference in levels on violence during nights out between here and plymouth/torquay! it's much to do with how individuals respond to alcohol and cultural differences are often a cause of violence.
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Messages  21 - 40 of 41


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