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17th October 2019
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Multiple mobile phone operators?

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Message 1 - posted by Jsysco, Dec 9, 2005

With the recent announcement that Cable and Wireless want to set up a mobile service in Jersey, I was wondering, does an Island as small as Jersey really need more than one mobile phone operator?

I'm currently a student in the UK and don't use my JT sim card over here as it would cost a fortune. However, I find the fact that the mobile phone companies charge significantly more to phone numbers on a different network annoying. It's quite nice to know that back home, you're charged the same amount for phoning any other mobile, as everyone is on the same network, whereas in the UK, you never quite know what you're paying.

Surely, competing networks in the Island would introduce similar charges for making a phonecall to a different network, and if so, how would a new service ever get off the ground with the already well established JT service already being in place.
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Message 2 - posted by Ryan (Jersey), Dec 9, 2005

Thats an interesting point, I will try and raise it with Jersey Telecom and Cable & Wireless and get back to you.

However in Guernsey Jersey Telecom have been competing against Cable & Wireless for a while now and have gained around 10,000 customers so I'd say there probably is room for competition.

What do other people think? Is competition always a good thing?
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Message 3 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Dec 12, 2005

With cell phones the more providers,the cheaper the deals, just make sure they share their masts.
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Message 4 - posted by jerseyblogger, Dec 12, 2005

Jersey is very much in need of additional mobile operators. The current monopoly situation results in very poor value for money.

The current operator, Jersey Telecom owns a subsidiary in Guernsey, Wave Telecom. In effect, Jersey Telecom operates the Freedom pre-pay brand in both islands. But with very different call costs:

Just take a look.
Freedom Pre-Pay Mobile to:

Local mobile per min (same operator): J:0.15p G:0.05p (Jersey 0.10p more a min)

Local landline per min: J:0.15p G:0.12p (Jersey 0.03p more a min)

National mobile per min: J:0.50p G:0.35p (Jersey 0.15p more a min)

National landline per min: J:0.50p G:0.25p (Jersey 0.25p more a min)

France per min: J:0.75p G:0.40p (Jersey 0.35p more a min)

Text message: J0.07p G:0.08p (Guernsey 0.01p more a msg)

Example: A ten min call to UK landline, using the same product: J:£5.00 G:£2.50 (Jersey pays £2.50 more for the same call)

Information sourced from respective company websites on 17/11/05:

Do we need another operator? We sure do! The call costs in Jersey at present are crazy.
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Message 5 - posted by U2487692, Dec 12, 2005

When I'm home with dad in the school holidays Jersey seems to be the most expensive place in the UK to use a mobile. There ought to be a warning in the tourist brochures!
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Message 6 - posted by jerseyblogger, Dec 17, 2005

Found out you can make cheap calls to the UK and rest of World from Freedom pre-pay and Contract mobiles by using speedial card from shops in town. Dial the access number first, then the number you wish to call (access number costs 15p per min).

Total cost for UK call per min comes down from 50p to 17.5p per min (Saving 32.5p per min by not directly using Jersey Telecom).

Calulation: Access number .15p per min + Speedial cost to UK 2.5p a min = Total Cost per min 17.5p
Click on Mobile News

Roll on mobile competition.
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Message 7 - posted by Tamarin, Dec 19, 2005

Jersey is the most expensive place for most things
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Message 8 - posted by Ryan (Jersey), Dec 20, 2005

But isn't that just a by-product of living on an island? Or is it down to the way we are run?
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Message 9 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Dec 20, 2005

When we've been on holiday we've discovered that you simply charge vastly more for everything as a matter of course.It can't cast you any more to import everyday stuff than it does to get it to mplaces like Cornwall Wales and a lot of Scotland. In those places they also try to fleece the holiday makers but most things are uniformly cheap.
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Message 10 - posted by U2487692, Dec 21, 2005

Surely it doesn't matter how high any prices are as long as wages are high as well? It's all comparative.
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Message 11 - posted by jerseyblogger, Feb 24, 2006

The fact is Jersey Telecom prices are in excess to other areas where healthy competition exists.

Hopefully C&W and other operators will bring about change soon.

You only have to see that JT recently charged £35.00 for a pay as you go sim card, with a hint of competition in the air, this has now come down to a more reasonable £9.99. Similar to what UK operators charge.

There infinite scope for further reductions in the mobile market, landline calls, and broadband.
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Message 12 - posted by Rob, Feb 24, 2006

So let you dad pay the bill N----
When I'm home with dad in the school holidays Jersey seems to be the most expensive place in the UK to use a mobile. There ought to be a warning in the tourist brochures!

Quoted from this message

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Message 13 - posted by PlainAshington, Feb 24, 2006

You are joking?

Pay as you go sim cards are free with attractions such as 500 free texts on activating.
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Message 14 - posted by Rob, Feb 24, 2006

There's 'langholme'playing up again1
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Message 15 - posted by jerseyblogger, Feb 24, 2006

Just goes to show how expensive Jersey Telecom is then if the SIM cards are free in the UK.

They going to have to reduce their call charges significantly if they are to survive.
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Message 16 - posted by Jsysco, Sep 13, 2006

So Cable and Wireless are here under the 'guise of "Sure".

Lo and behold, Sure charge 12p/pm to call Sure mobiles and 15p/pm to call JT mobiles.
JT charge 15p/pm to call JT, 20p/pm to call Sure.

No mention of this whatsoever in the media, people who are not used to it will have a shock.
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Message 17 - posted by Ryan (Jersey), Sep 15, 2006

That's the Pay As You Go price - it's 14p/min to call Sure from JT & 15p/min to call Sure from JT on a contract.

You can read our full price comparison, including a look at what Vodafone charges in the UK for similar services by clicking below:

Interestingly, Vodafone charge 40p/min to call people on another network.

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Message 18 - posted by Whiskers, Nov 11, 2006

I think that just two mobile phone operators are sufficient for Jersey, (Just to provide a measure of competition in the island).
JT should not be sold off even for £200m, as it really has all the technoligy to provide a good service already, and to suggest that we should have 200 transmitter masts set up in Jersey to provide full coverage for all the new providers is a nonsense.Masts should be shared where ever possible.And if there were only 2 providers then we could probably manage with what is already in existance.
As a point of interest, some university students carried out an experiment with one egg and 6 mobile phones.They placed the egg at the centre of a ring of these mobile phones in transmitting mode and found that the egg was cooked in less than 10 minutes!! This shows the dangers inherent in over use of mobile phones and transmitting masts.
Competition is usually a good thing but not in this case if too many providers are allowed to operate in our tiny island.
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Message 19 - posted by jerseyblogger, Dec 2, 2006

In the message above, JerseyBrian mentions a study in which it was found that 6 mobiles were able to boil an egg! Could I ask JerseyBrian to provide further details of this study, and to back-up this absurd claim with factual evidence?

Yes, mobile masts are unattractive, agreed. But competition is needed; I am not prepared to pay Jersey Telecomís extortionate rates any longer. There is still much progress to be made to bring value for money to the customer for both mobile and landline rates.

It is important that Jersey Telecom is sold, and as soon as possible. The delay has already cost the tax payer millions of pounds. No sale could result in Jersey Telecom losing money (as it is not a lean company) resulting in loss of jobs and the tax payer will suffer.

It is a farce that Jersey Telecom continues to stall number portability (allowing customers take their number another operator). They know without this people will be reluctant to move, and therefore they keep customers.

Another operator, Airtel will hopefully start a service within a few months; this will drive down charges further.

Just remember what is was like prior to competition, we had very high rental/call charges and no inclusive minutes, no roll-overs, poor value.

To listen to the marketing hype, we were given value for money. The fact is we were milked big time.
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Message 20 - posted by jerseyblogger, Jan 14, 2007

Anyone know when:

a) Airtel are going to be up and running?

b) You can take your mobile number with you when changing operators?
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